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Sharon Lee www.healingheartcentre.com

What a safe loving space Astaria offers upon one’s arrival! With her enchanting angelic voice, and all the different instruments Astaria intuitively plays; I sunk into a deep healing place.  Astaria’s song moves into so many worlds clearing, aligning the chakras, releasing the old no longer needed, and bringing in the new, resulting in absolute lightness. Be prepared to head home to bed and process through the night in a restful sleep. I have experienced sound healing before and I have to say Astaria has such a young, vibrant energy combined with the wisdom of an old intuitive soul. What a blissful transformation sound can make with the supportive guidance of Astaria!  

Droplets of Inspiration

After a day of emotional release you took me on a sound journey of calm transitioning. It was the feeling you get after a major storm and there’s this unbelievable calm and trickling of the sun illuminating parts that had been hidden for so long.
Thank you for sharing

Katie Cavan

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