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Droplets of Inspiration

I have been on many guided meditations and in my younger years, I took up the practice of meditation. I have used music both as a source of enjoyment and to relax. The sound therapy experience, however, took it to the next level. It incorporated all the techniques of a guided meditation and benefits of meditation with the unique approach of sound therapy.

As with all meditation, I found myself “letting go” of all of the busyness and concerns of the world and becoming focused on the here and now. The different sounds helped to bring me to that state of mindfulness. At one point I could feel my body “resonating” or “reverberating” with the instrument being played and I felt like my body was the instrument. At another point I felt the music taking me to a state of deep relaxation and healing. And at another point I entered a state of sleep. In the end I felt like I had just gone thru a night of deep and restful sleep. I felt rejuvenated and energized and at peace.

Phil T.

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