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Private Retreat

Inner Harmony: Awakening through Sound

Open Dates: choose a time that works for you to experience this personal retreat

Join us on a journey into light through sound as we explore the ways that this vibrational healing modality relaxes our nervous system, calms our mind, and invites us into deeper harmony with ourselves and the Earth.

Deepening the silence within, we learn to listen to our inner voice. Discovering the clarity of our truth, we’ll feel rejuvenated and inspired to live in alignment with our heart’s path.

We’ll dive into the art of practice by exploring the use of sound activation using voice and a variety of vibrational healing instruments including crystal bowls, flute, medicine drums, chimes, gongs, and tuning forks.

Sound is the Source of All Creation

Connecting with the beauty of nature and the transformational jungle vortex of Costa Rica, you’ll encounter parts of yourself in the mirror of the crystalline waters and awaken through hearing the sounds of your soul.

Uplift your energy, ignite your heart, find your center and discover inner harmony by immersing in the power of sound, cacao ceremony, and intuitive movement to bring you into spiritual attunement.

You will join Astaria in Costa Rica, where we will be grounding into the beauty of the jungle land and this Divine Feminine nature sanctuary.

During this week-long sound exploration retreat, you are invited to enjoy:

7 nights of accommodation
Daily vegetarian meals and beverage service
1 Heart-opening Cacao Ceremony exploring the power of intention
Singing to liberate our voice as our most powerful instrument
1 Shamanic Sound Healing Journey to journey through your inner world with music that sings to your soul and connect with the deeper layers of your being
1 ecstatic dance with cacao and sound where you move intuitively to experience liberation, allow energy to express naturally through you, and integrate with a mini sound bath
2-hour personal deep dive healing and integration session
Five 1.5 hour deep listening & personal sound practices that include:
● Vocal activation and chakra toning
● Song circle
● Journaling exercises
● Guided meditation
● Nature connection

Not included: transportation costs, optional tours & activities

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

― Chuang Tzu

what people are saying about Inner Harmony

Astaria’s sacred ceremony of cacao, ecstatic dance and sound immersion was like nothing I have ever experienced before. This combination of healing and awakening agents was perfect in the way that it opened my heart, breathed life through my body and opened my consciousness to the higher dimensions of pure light and oneness for all. I felt connected to cosmos and our Mother Gaia at the same time. The vibrations created synergy and harmony within myself, mind body and soul as well as our collective group of women. You don’t want to miss out on this experience. with Astaria, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime!


I am doing SO WELL. Since my session with Astaria, I have honestly been so happy, I’ve gone to bed with a literal smile on my face and have been waking up each morning the same. The dark clouds and fragmented pieces of my being were really impacting my day to day living and I am so grateful for the journey I was able to go through and the healing that came. Thank you thank you thank you.


I have noticed such a profound healing in myself and a huge shift since my session with Astaria. My relationship with my partner is on the upswing and it’s really in a healthy place, which is so wonderful. I cannot wait to work more with Astaria. I am so grateful that she helped me to process some old energy from my childhood. The shifts are just absolutely incredible. I love this sort of service. I love it!!


The power of song has helped me transform fear to love. Astaria has been coaching me for the last 2 years using vocal toning and sound healing. My voice and connection to love has grown greatly with her support. My voice has opened and I feel more confident sharing it with others.


Inner Harmony Registration

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about your guide

Astaria is a shamanic sound healer, Reiki Master, intuitive voice coach, and sexual trauma counsellor. She uses light language, soul song, and sound to balance the energy centers of the body, mind and spirit, to help align you back into a state of wholeness, harmony and wellness.

Astaria is an intuitive spirit guide who will walk alongside you as you face the shadow aspects of yourself that are awaiting your integration. She supports you in your emotional release so that you can free old energy and embrace more of your truth.

Clients experience greater joy, lightness, and peace after a session with Astaria. She can also help you free your voice and discover greater clarity around your unique soul gifts and aligned passions.

She uses a variety of techniques that she has learned through her own healing journey of working through sexual trauma to find her voice and share her soul songs. She has guided many sound healing ceremonies all throughout the American continent, and has also impacted the lives of many clients in person and online, helping them to feel more peace, joy, and creativity in their lives.

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Droplets of Inspiration

Astaria’s voice is just incredible, moving & Angelique. 

Jacqueline Dodd

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