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Soul Light Mantras

Listen and sing along with these soul light mantras.

Chanting a phrase over and over again has the ability to reprogram our mind and raise our vibration.

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soul light mantras with Astaria - Light of Sound

Astaria sings in devotion for HER, our Mother of Nature, and all our relations. 

Tuning into and feeling the deep song of our Earth, Astaria is a sound vessel for Harmony, connecting us with our Soul frequency through the gateway of the Heart. Her voice translates light into sound to awaken remembrance, love, and connection with Gaia. 

She is an empowerment guide for those ready to ReMember their signature soul essence through her Self Mastery School that includes 1-1 mentorship and group initiation journeys. 

Weaving sound and harnessing the dynamism of voice as our most powerful instrument, she is a midwife of creativity and vocal freedom, empowering the activation of authentic self-expression. 

She founded the Light of Sound Temple in 2014 and has since been singing to the hearts of all those who are deeply listening to the call within.

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Droplets of Inspiration

It was such a pleasure working with Astaria! She brings the pure light of an open heart to her music that spreads throughout the space so you can almost touch it. Her magnetism raises the vibe of everyone present and helps us all to feel into the beauty of sound. Thanks Astaria! I wish you the best of everything and hope you continue on your path of healing.  Injoy!

Kaypacha, The New Paradigm Astrology, newparadigmastrology.com

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