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About Light of Sound

Light of Sound


In the Beginning…

Everything in our UniVerse was created from Light through Sound

Light of Sound was founded in 2014 after Astaria left her career as a fashion designer. She didn’t know what she was going to do next and felt Spirit calling her to take a leap of faith into the Great Mystery.

Just after leaving her job, Astaria was diagnosed with Hashimotos, a thyroid auto-immune dis-ease, and told she would die if she didn’t go on medication for the rest of her life.

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She also moved into a new home around this time and named it ‘The LightHouse’ as it was painted yellow and had many windows for natural light to pour in.

In the attic of this old character house, there lived a piano. She hadn’t played since she was a child and felt right at home with her fingers upon the keys.

Late one night, fingers dancing joyfully, full moonlight pouring through the ceiling windows above, she had one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments… “maybe I can share music with others?! Since this feels so good for me to play and feel, maybe it will feel good for others too.”

Here is a sample of her improvising late one night at this piano:

Soon thereafter, she discovered that ‘sound healing’ is a real thing that exists and that what she had been doing as a little girl, soothing her own nervous system with the sounds of the piano, was exactly the kind of thing that people were discovering as a healing modality. “THIS is what I am here for!” it dawned on her.

Inspiration led her to enroll in an entrepreneurship program and thus she began the journey of bringing Light of Sound into the world.

The LightHouse soon became a healing sanctuary and community gathering space where she shared the magic of her musical expression.

Since then, Astaria has shared Light of Sound with many communities all over the world, offering 1-1 as well as group sound healing experiences.

Light of Sound has evolved into offering activation space as an online temple, whilst also holding the vision that one day it will also be a physical sound temple on a beautyfull piece of land immersed in the glory of Nature.

Stay tuned into the journey and grow with us.

Today Light of Sound has evolved into a space that recognizes that our EARTH is our temple, our body is our temple, and our body is the body of the Earth.

When we wake up and realize that this Earth is our home and start to take better care of Her, by taking better care of ourselves and our very own body as a sacred vessel, we will resonate in a more harmonious frequency, thus establishing healthier connections with ALL our relations.

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Here is another sample of the melodies that played through Astaria in the LightHouse:

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To receive exclusive droplets of inspiration, join this temple space where soul family gathers as commUnity, where we weave light through sound and regenerate harmony through creative expression, all in support for the new earth regenaissance blossoming into being 🌸

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To support the development of Light of Sound into a physical Temple location, please contribute your offerings here:

Your support is greatly appreciated and will benefit many.

Astaria is currently located in Costa Rica. If you’d like to book an in person experience with Light of Sound, please contact us.

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Droplets of Inspiration

Nestled in blackberry and rose thickets, within a traditional style tipi, received from a First Nations tribe in the prairies, whose inside came alive with a warm fire and tender hearts, Astaria Light opened a sacred cacao ceremony, and the journey of a Sound of the Heart ignited.

The enchanting cacao bubbled to life as it was honoured in each person’s favourite mug and began to work magic with its aroma, alluring tenderness and soothing richness in spirit. Intentions of release and renewal echoed within the chambers of the tipi as sharing and honouring of each other’s journey was embraced.

Astaria’s timeless and galactic voice tickled the cacao to life within the veins, combining the sound of the elements, the rainbow of vibration-shifting instruments, with ethereal feminine beauty of voice, guiding the voyage to the internal planes within, into the deepest chambers of the heart.

The sound of the heart gently and powerfully encouraged the shutters to swing open, bringing in fresh vibrating breath, a joyous sigh of relief in reconnection, while letting out the stale and stagnant frequencies. Brought back down to earth by the surrounding chorus of birds and soft summer breezes, the glow of cacao remained in all.

What a heart-filled joy to experience the love of Astaria Light, her relationship to the sacred plant medicine of cacao, and most importantly the gift of the internal journey to the heart that was offered around a warm fire with tender hearts.


Stephanie Woods

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