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Light of Sound


What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy works with all aspects of one’s being – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical – bringing back into harmony that which is out of tune. Sound therapy facilitates shifts in brainwave state via entrainment, the synchronization of brainwaves to sound frequencies, which makes it possible to down-shift from the normal Beta state (alert consciousness) through Alpha (relaxed consciousness) and Theta (meditative state) to even reach Delta (sleep, where natural healing occurs). Reaching these states of awareness stimulates emotional and physical release of trauma (or energies of dis-ease), promoting natural healing.

What is the experience like?

A sound healing session is both a passive and participatory experience, during which you will be awash in the harmonic sounds of a variety of instruments and vibrational tools such as voice, flute, piano, steel tongue drum, crystal bowls, vocal toning, tuning forks, crystal pyramid, chimes, medicine drums, and many more. A sound healing session is like a week-long meditation retreat condensed into an hour – the result is peace of mind through the fullness of sound, which can help relieve insomnia, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

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Sound is the vocabulary of nature

― Pierre Schaeffer

What is Voice ReWilding?

Voice ReWilding is the art & practice of returning your voice to its most wild & natural state, including the reintroduction of parts of your expression that have been hiding, forgotten, or lost.

Our voice is our most powerfull instrument and when we learn to use it, we can create profound liberation for our body, mind, spirit, and all aspects of our being. Often when we hold repressed expression in our body, this energy can manifest in all kinds of harmful ways, even as dis-ease. We can use the vibration of our very own voice to free up this energy so that we experience more grace, joy, creativity, and well-being in our life. 

Astaria healed herself from a thyroid ‘auto-immune dis-ease’ called Hashimotos by starting to sing and make sound for the first time in her life. She spent most of her years in silence and was always known as ‘the shy girl’, terrified to speak, let alone sing. 

A lifetime of repressed expression manifested in a massive throat chakra blockage. Her doctors explained that if she didn’t go on medication for the rest of her life, her system would shut down and she would die. This ‘life-threatening’ diagnosis wound up being the ‘wake-up call’ that Astaria needed to start honoring who she really is and living a path of soul alignment. 

Refusing to go on medication and determined to find a natural way, Astaria intuitively started to ReWild her Voice…  and 2 years later, lab results revealed the ‘miracle’ of her natural healing.  

Her Shero’s Journey is an example of what’s possible when we use our voice to share our truth. 

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Vocal music is considered to be the highest, for it is natural; the effect produced by an instrument which is merely a machine cannot be compared with that of the human voice. However perfect strings may be, they cannot make the same impression on the listener as the voice which comes direct from the soul as breath, and has been brought to the surface through the medium of the mind and the vocal organs of the body.

― Hazrat Inayat Khan

Light of Sound


Light of Sound was founded in 2014 after Astaria quit her career as a fashion designer. She didn’t know what she was going to do next, but felt Spirit calling her to take a leap of faith into the Great Mystery.

Around the same time Astaria received the diagnosis of Hashimotos, she had also moved into a new home where there lived a piano. She hadn’t played since she was a child and felt right at home with her fingers upon the keys.

Playing one night, full moon light pouring through the skylights above, she had one of those light bulb moments… “maybe I can share music with others?! Since this feels so good for me to play and feel, maybe it will feel good for others too.”

Soon thereafter, she discovered that ‘sound healing’ is a real thing that exists and that what she had been doing as little girl at the piano, soothing her own nervous system with the sounds of the piano, was exactly the kind of thing that people were discovering as a healing modality. “THIS is what I am here for!” it dawned on her.

Shortly thereafter, she enrolled in an entrepreneurship program and began the journey of bringing Light of Sound into the world.

Since then, Astaria has shared Light of Sound with many communities all over the world, offering 1-1 as well as group sound healing experiences.

Light of Sound has evolved into offering healing space as an online temple, whilst also holding the dream that one day it will also be a physical sound temple space.

Stay tuned for the journey and evolve with us.

At this time in history we came to transform our moods into music and restore the musical language of consciousness in the human body. For this we come.

― Chloe Goodchild



Astaria is a Creativity Catalyst, Sound Alchemist, and Voice Midwife. 

She combines her training in Art & Design, Shamanism, Reiki, Music & Sound Therapy, Counselling, Ceremony, Temple Arts and Mystery School teachings, into a unique blend of empowering transformational medicine. 

She has an ability to see, witness, and hold compassionate space for our shadows to be integrated into wholeness so that we can shine our light more radiantly. She offers encouragement for her clients to dive deep into their self-actualization journey, remember their truth, and connect with their heart.

Astaria guides you to discover your unique soul gifts so that you can live a more meaningful life, share authentically from your heart, and cultivate more ease & joy in relation with your self, others, and our Mother Earth. 

She loves to empower people to free their voice and reclaim the colours of their authentic self-expression. (Basically, she helps you remember who you really are and guides you into living a life that is in alignment with your truth.)

Astaria facilitates an empowering space for transformation in her 1-1 client sessions, group journeys, retreats, and playshops. Her services are offered both online and in person. 

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

— Muriel Strode

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Astaria, your sound journeys are such a pleasure to experience, each time is so unique and sends me off on such…

— Leith P.

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