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Costa Rica Sound Healing Ceremony Voice Coaching Astaria Light of Sound

I feel so much lighter after our session. The pain in my shoulder from an old injury has dissipated. Thank you for reminding me that I have everything I need within.

Met S. | Costa Rica | Sound Healer

Astaria is a true Queen of Sound. Through her impeccable, integrous and effective space-holding, she single-handedly created spaces that helped catalyze the opening of my throat chakra and the coming alive of my true voice as a medicine singer. I am deeply grateful for her softness, strength, vulnerability, authenticity, creativity and capacity to intuitively flow in a session to meet me exactly where I’m at. Week over week, she cultivated spaces and exercises that enabled me to clear energy blockages from my system and unlock an explosive, stunning voice that I knew was within me all along. I am deeply grateful for Astaria, and highly recommend working with her in either 1:1 or group containers. An extremely worthwhile investment!

Christina L.V. | Costa Rica | Medicine Singer

I experienced the most magical sound healing of my entire life with Astaria! Her voice is that of an angel.

Laura S. | Costa Rica | Retreat Leader

The Akashic records reading you did for me was more life changing than I could ever imagine. I went ahead and got my yoga teacher training certificate and am beginning to lead classes. What I have learned through the process is so much more than just how to lead yoga. It made me feel completely differently about the world and people around me. I am more open with myself which makes me more open with others. Wow. When this journey is further along I am definitely planning to have another session with you.

Bethany Rabanus | USA | Physiotherapist & Yoga Instructor

I have experienced many sound baths, and receiving from Astaria was NEXT LEVEL! If you haven’t heard her music yet, I highly recommend you take any opportunity you can get to bathe in her sound healing presence.

Hearing some of the deep sounds that she makes with her voice, helped me remember where I come from. It was an ancient sound, so familiar that I remembered who I am. I felt myself return HOME.

Brian | USA | Music Producer

Astaria’s voice echoes from the depths of Mother Earth and calls each one of us home to ourselves.

She channels a message of ancient wisdom for us all to heed the call of a deepening connection to Gaia and to our own innate truth. A necessary remembering at this point in history.

Astaria embodies the freedom that lives within each of us, as we are reminded through her song of what is possible.

Rachel Forsythe | Canada | Author & Healer

Before working with Astaria, I was facing a major career change, relationship change, and mental health struggles with depression and anxiety. I felt like I needed deep attention and mentorship while sitting with the difficult feelings, grievances, and fears that came alongside these life changes.
My experience in working with Astaria felt nurturing, customized, and transformative. Astaria helped me understand parts of myself and womanhood that I did not understand before. She helped me understand some of my unique gifts that I had previously written off as just a way of living. During our sessions, I felt like I was spending time with a close friend, mentor, and witch! She helped me identify and cultivate my powers and intuition.
Our work helped me connect with my higher power, my intuition, my energy field, and my heart. It helped me move through big changes and feelings quickly.
I am now able to listen to my heart, connect more deeply with God, and listen to the assignments that I receive through my intuitive guidance.

Christina T. | Los Angeles, CA | Film & Music Executive

Astaria has been a major motivator and inspiration for me to be able to share my voice.
I have been able to break out of my comfort zone again and again, finding joy in the journey of discovering my authentic expression! I am so greatfull to be able to feel more confident in sharing my voice as I continue to discover it.

Jeremy E. | Canada | Musician & Father

Astaria recently guided me through an incredible 7 session vocal activation journey, which was absolutely life changing!
Though our journey together, I was able to clear blockages around expressing my voice, dive deeper into the power of singing and open up to my authentic self… I now feel so light and free.
I highly recommend Astaria’s work, she has a true gift to offer.


My intention with working with Astaria was to free myself from mental blockages that were hindering the full expression of my voice. I lacked self-confidence and felt a blockage in general with my self-expression.

My experience with Astaria felt liberating and empowering. I felt supported by the way she clearly reflected back what I saying and where I was at. I felt heard. I also felt supported by the space that she created in all of our sessions, a space where all of me was welcome without judgement or reservation.

I really enjoyed activating my light language with Astaria and notice that it helps me get into a flow state of creativity. It clears out the chatter in my mind when I want to ground myself. Light Language has become an alternative to meditation for me.

Through my journey with Astaria, what was illuminated for me was that I rarely expressed my truth. I wasn’t being honest with myself, I wasn’t checking in within myself, and I generally wasn’t listening to my heart or making decisions from that space. I have since been operating more from my heart space and when I don’t I notice it quicker. I feel more confident in speaking my truth, sharing my vulnerability, and showing up more authentically.

Avril Mhunduru | USA | Stand-Up Comedian

Astaria’s magical voice will soothe your soul. Her singing has also been known to bring tears to the eyes of those who “haven’t cried in years”.


Dear Astaria, Thank you so very much for introducing me to sound healing!!! It was truly an amazing and liberating experience! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me, and for providing me with tools I can take with me to help me on my journey.

Julia Whittington

Astaria, Thank you for your transformational sound & voice healing session. I feel grounded, ready and empowered to complete my book and share my message with the world, knowing that the time is NOW!  

Jennifer Martin

Astaria Light is one of those rare humans who’s able to actually channel the energy of the Divine into this three-dimensional realm.
The way that she weaves sounds to form this vortex of magic, is something that I have rarely seen and it instantly transports everyone who listens to it to a realm of beauty, connection, love, insight and deep understanding.

I highly recommend experiencing the incredible beauty of Astaria Light’s sound for yourself.

Deus Fortune | Vancouver, Canada | Spoken word performance artist & ceremonialist

Astaria’s voice carries such beautiful and potent medicine!!

Stephanie Yopp-Robinson

Astaria’s beautiful voice is weaving rainbows throughout the world.

Jean Pullen | best selling author of Regenerate Your Reality

I was having a mentally exhausting day yesterday… I listened to Astaria’s song countless times and felt so grounded after. Thank you.

Erin J.

Astaria’s voice is healing medicine. I will always remember how much love it has!! ❤️

Lira Calix

I am doing SO WELL and have felt so happy since my session with Astaria. I’ve gone to bed with a literal smile on my face and have been waking up each morning the same. The dark clouds and fragmented pieces of my being were really impacting my day to day living and I am so grateful for the journey I was able to go through and the healing that came. Thank you thank you thank you. 

Jordi Lydia

I love listening to Astaria’s soothing voice and beautiful piano melodies. Her music is amazing and brings me to tears ?

Starseed Sounds

I cannot describe into words the state of peace and resonance felt while receiving a nourishing sound bath from this beautiful sister. Her angelical voice, pristine positive and vibrant energy, combined with sacred frequencies from the instruments she uses, facilitate entering the deepest levels of meditation and peace. I cannot recommend her enough and am super excited to dive deeper with her online course offerings. Love her so much ❤️?

Aliné Calabria De Amorim

I have noticed such a profound healing in myself and a huge shift, as a result of my healing session with Astaria. My relationship with my partner is on the upswing and it’s really in a healthy place, which is so wonderful. I cannot wait to work more with Astaria. I am so grateful to her for helping me process some old energy from my childhood. Just absolutely incredible. I love this sort of service. I love it!! ???


Throughout my life, I’ve always had a relationship with song, to navigate my emotions and to communicate with my surroundings. Even with Such a deep and constant relationship to song and music in my life, I came out of the Song of the Heart retreat led by Astaria, with a new reverence for the eternal song, the single song, the UniVerse that we are all participating in.
Astaria has such a rich perspective on so many aspects of vibrational healing, of song and beauty. Working (more like playing) with Astaria showed me the way into experiences which made me feel as though the forest was singing to me, through me, as me, and for me.
I felt so held and supported during my time with Astaria, and came out feeling healed and rejuvenated on all levels of my self.
The voice is like an energetic fingerprint, and as we explored our unique sound, we also came to know ourselves more wholly.
If you are a singer, or aspiring to free your expression, and seeking to discover new dimensions of your voice while being treated to jungle bliss and delicious food, this is your chance.
If you are struggling to be heard, to own your place in the world and speak your truth, this retreat will bolster you and teach you how to speak loud and proud with grace and power.
If you want to know yourself and the world you are in, what your purpose is, and how to live in alignment to it, this space will bring you closer to the truth.

Kevin Lockwood

Astaria is simply AMAZING! I had a 2 hour private session with her and she helped me face my fears around being heard and using my voice. Bringing realization to the fact that our biggest fears can be our greatest gifts and that we can share with the world. With that said, I just signed up for 10 voice lessons! Thank you, beautiful, for assisting me on my journey! ?♥️?

Kelie Micho, www.rubyrosesanctuary.net

I have had multiple sessions with Astaria, taken deep within, feeling myself wrapped in a blanket of sound. After each session I felt reborn.

It is difficult to give words to such an experience without metaphors, but it truly felt as if I was reawakened from another life. I arose feeling incredibly grounded and rested!  My nervous system was settled and vibrating softly.

I recommend the experience, not just for curiosity, but for deep healing as well!

Reko Vitae, Vitality by Design

Thank you so much for sharing your sacred journey and beautiful heart. I will never forget the healing sound session I experienced with you a few years ago… it allowed me to initiate my own sacred journey into wholeness and healing.  It takes great courage to sit with oneself in silence. Thank you for transforming yourself so that the whole world can be transformed.

Lisa Venafro

Astaria is a unique spirit that is very grounded and calming. I enjoy her humour and adept usage of Sound. Wavelengths are her healing tool.

Barb Lambert, RMT, A Balanced Body

My shamanic sound session with Astaria was the closest thing to magic that I’ve ever experienced!

Jimmy S.

The power of song has helped me transform fear to love. Astaria has been coaching me for the last 2 years using vocal toning and sound healing. My voice and connection to love has grown immensely with her support. My voice has opened in ways I didn’t know were possible and I feel more confident sharing it with others.

Jean Pullen | Costa Rica | Author of Regenerate your Reality

The sounds brought a sacred stillness to me, thank you.

Lynn D.

Never before in my life had I taken in a cacao ceremony or a sound healing journey. Our evening had been full of magic, love, healing and high vibrations. I found myself laying on my back with the cacao opening my heart. A deep and warm sense of joy was filling me, a sense of peace fell upon my third eye. At this point Astaria began to sing. The faint and delicate staccato filled me with euphoria, tears of joy filled my eyes. My eyes mostly remained closed but when I did sneak a peek at Astaria I witnessed a Goddess that was receiving as much joy from this gesture as I was. A variety of instruments and singing bowls followed, I can’t say how long these moments were as I was moved to what felt like another plane. The high vibrations of Astaria’s music worked its way between my joints, organs and cells. Even now, 6 months after, I can recall these details vividly. I recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to attend to do so and I look forward to doing so again too. Thank you Astaria.

Dylan F.

Astaria’s voice is just incredible, moving & Angelique. 

Jacqueline Dodd

Astaria’s sound journey was super powerful for me! I was able to unblock something that had me feeling weighed down for a couple of weeks.


Astaria’s voice and energy will blow your mind and your heart wide open!

Heather Durward

Being in a session with Astaria transcends this world. Using her gift as a channel through music and instruments, she opens the door for reconnection and true healing. I recommend a session to anyone looking to feel better, more connected to their true self, or just interested in what sound and energy healing can do. Amazing.

Dr. Ariel Jones | Naturopathic Doctor | www.drarieljones.com

Nestled in blackberry and rose thickets, within a traditional style tipi, received from a First Nations tribe in the prairies, whose inside came alive with a warm fire and tender hearts, Astaria Light opened a sacred cacao ceremony, and the journey of a Sound of the Heart ignited.

The enchanting cacao bubbled to life as it was honoured in each person’s favourite mug and began to work magic with its aroma, alluring tenderness and soothing richness in spirit. Intentions of release and renewal echoed within the chambers of the tipi as sharing and honouring of each other’s journey was embraced.

Astaria’s timeless and galactic voice tickled the cacao to life within the veins, combining the sound of the elements, the rainbow of vibration-shifting instruments, with ethereal feminine beauty of voice, guiding the voyage to the internal planes within, into the deepest chambers of the heart.

The sound of the heart gently and powerfully encouraged the shutters to swing open, bringing in fresh vibrating breath, a joyous sigh of relief in reconnection, while letting out the stale and stagnant frequencies. Brought back down to earth by the surrounding chorus of birds and soft summer breezes, the glow of cacao remained in all.

What a heart-filled joy to experience the love of Astaria Light, her relationship to the sacred plant medicine of cacao, and most importantly the gift of the internal journey to the heart that was offered around a warm fire with tender hearts.


Stephanie Woods

Thank so very much for the sound healing journey. This wonderful journey has opened me to new realities and to knowing my inner self, while discovering who I truly am. I’m more grounded within and have more courage to experience life in new ways. You have helped me through sound healing to feel uplifted, free, and supported while discovering the true power of being. Thank you for the loving space and unconditional support that you’ve facilitated. I highly recommend a sound healing journey for those who are looking to change their view of reality and an overall sense of wellbeing 

Chantelle Lehoux

Astaria Light‘s sound meditation is beyond moving, it will soothe your soul. You really have to experience this for yourself!

Elizabeth Tse

Wow! What an experience! I felt as though I was traveling through so many different lives, each showing me a very small portion of that life then transforming quickly into an animal then sound waves with colour. I also experienced many aboriginal sequences of a couple in love, a group of women getting the chiefs head piece ready made from feathers, drumming, and more. The journey was fast and everything was changing so quickly. I received confirmations on things I needed to know and felt a beautiful release out of my heart chakra. It was intense with my heart beating so fast, almost like anxiety, but I knew that it was my physical body aligning mentally and spiritually with Source for a healing release. I kept saying the words, “I surrender, I allow,” and I could feel the energy shooting out of my heart space, allowing this negative energy to leave my body. Fabulous!!

Amy Martyn, The Holistic Healing Hub, amymartyn.com

I attended a sound healing journey hosted by Astaria Light that was literally out of this world, it felt very extra dimensional. 

Alanna Ketler

It was such a pleasure working with Astaria! She brings the pure light of an open heart to her music that spreads throughout the space so you can almost touch it. Her magnetism raises the vibe of everyone present and helps us all to feel into the beauty of sound. Thanks Astaria! I wish you the best of everything and hope you continue on your path of healing.  Injoy!

Kaypacha, The New Paradigm Astrology, newparadigmastrology.com

After a day of emotional release you took me on a sound journey of calm transitioning. It was the feeling you get after a major storm and there’s this unbelievable calm and trickling of the sun illuminating parts that had been hidden for so long.
Thank you for sharing

Katie Cavan

So excited to experience another body and star-soul alignment journey with this embodied and ompowerful Goddess of Appointed Light. If you want some empowerment with clearing stale energy or emotional trauma, this is a very safe and loving environment to do so within. ~Lovolution Goddess Earth!

Jeffry Colin Vos

It’s Tuesday and I’m still in the afterglow of my magical time spent Saturday with my circle of sis-stars of the Cacao and Sound Ceremony. Astaria Light washed over each of us, with the most glorious healing, sound bath of chimes, drums, rattles and song. And, omg-racious, her voice~though angelic, my heart whispered, galactic! Soft, gentle, yet a vibration that was out of this world. I’ve not experienced anything like this before. What a Day!!! What an amazing group of ladies…I could weep as I review my time of fellowship that was simply precious. Feeling so blessed, thank you. 

Linda Brown Shields

Working with Astaria is inspiring. She brings a sparkling creative energy and a clarity of purpose to each new project. She communicates in an open and positive manner and is someone you can rely on.

Mareena Dufault, RAc, BScH

Completely effortless and assuredly effective, you really just have to experience it for yourself.

Andrea C.

Astaria is the goddess of sacred sounds.

Julian G.

Astaria! Thank you for creating a beautiful garden of sound! I felt like I was in a cradle of compassion. Your enchanting music relaxed my being allowing me to let myself fall into the pool of sweet yummy chocolate pudding that is my-Self!!! My sense of self expanded to encompass more of my Divine Loving Self. So Blissful!!! Soul-nourishing. (Big sigh) You truly are LIGHT!

Soul Chocolate is good! Can I have some more?

Nathan M. Gagné, Reiki Yogi, ND

I feel refreshed and all stress is gone after last night’s sacred sound journey. What a great way to end off the week!

Jordan Coe

What a safe loving space Astaria offers upon one’s arrival! With her enchanting angelic voice, and all the different instruments Astaria intuitively plays; I sunk into a deep healing place.  Astaria’s song moves into so many worlds clearing, aligning the chakras, releasing the old no longer needed, and bringing in the new, resulting in absolute lightness. Be prepared to head home to bed and process through the night in a restful sleep. I have experienced sound healing before and I have to say Astaria has such a young, vibrant energy combined with the wisdom of an old intuitive soul. What a blissful transformation sound can make with the supportive guidance of Astaria!  

Sharon Lee www.healingheartcentre.com

The BEST sound healing experience in the Universe!

Juan Carlos

Astaria takes you on a magical journey!

Stacey Cahoon Murray

Last night Astaria Light, sound healer, bathed me in the bliss of loving sound – two hours of no judgment, no conditions – only shedding what no longer is needed and energy that does not belong to me – and lovingly bringing back from my past all fractured energy that I unknowingly gave away.

– nothing but loving healing sound – her crystal clear voice, and sound from the piano, drums, crystal bowls – and more

Astaria is magical, nurturing, compassionate, beautiful, knowing, connected and a part of our journey to healing, wherever we need healing.

Denise Smith

Sounds from Astaria Light are truly something worth making the time for. Sound healing is quite new to my life, and when I had my first taste of a sound journey I was hooked. I felt a great sense of relaxation at its purest… deep meditation, vivid visuals, soothing the body muscles. Think of a sound healing session as a tune-up for your body, something we need more of these days.

Nature’s Chef, Tom Kral

I spent last night wrapped in the transformative sonic embrace of @astaria.light. It was my first time experiencing a live sound healing session, and the undulating bath of frequencies and vibrations that Astaria immersed us in was pure MAGIC. Astaria is a gifted sound healer and is amazingly skilled at taking her clients on a deeply meditative journey using all sorts of instruments and her beautiful voice.

I felt safe being guided into my body and soul under Astaria’s watchful eyes, and I felt so quenched and alive after the session was complete! I highly recommend the experience and will surely return for more sound healing again (and again!)

Dana Machacek, Intuitive Mentor, zonapellucida.net

Astaria, your sound journeys are such a pleasure to experience, each time is so unique and sends me off on such a unique high vibration journey, thank you.

Leith P.

Astaria Light is able to send healing waves throughout your being with her gift of sound. She is highly skilled, astute and attuned to the individual’s needs. As the sound waves aligned  cellular energy in my body, I attained a greater sense of peace and grounding than I could have achieved by myself. My thoughts and knowing lined up and a deep clarity presented itself to me on subjects I had been needing answers to. I was so grateful to Astaria and in awe at the power of sound.

Rachael Bruton Haisell

At the Intuitive Arts Festival, Astaria Light was who I truly came for and she was the very essence of a magical unicorn. She is a Sound Healer of the utmost divine Sacred Feminine. Her voice was exquisite. And the crystal bowls, chimes, and so much more, cleansed and elevated my spirit and honestly released so much trauma stuck like tar in my body. All condensed into 22 minutes.

I became one with the white light. I saw and felt all those I loved who left this earth. I felt so loved! And worthy, and beautiful. I had come home. I laid my tired body upon a very comfortable “bed” and she put a blind upon my eyes, then I simply surrendered to her healing sound. In awe, in gratitude, in heaven. Thank you.

Denise Smith

Magic continues building and surrounding me. Even though waves are crashing all over, I am feeling grateful that I have a boat. Thank you so much for last night and for all of the sound journeys you facilitate. Last night was yet another magical experience to not only release what isn’t serving me, but to reveal another layer of my higher self. Breath and sound together is so powerful. I applaud you for being strong and continuously choosing your heart’s path with courage and boldness – you are light and love and when you are in the fullness of yourself, it inspires others to do the same. Thank you sister. I felt a deep connection between us when our voices harmonized into a rainbow bubble of delight. Thank you for allowing me to express myself in your space. True power comes from combining and integrating and I really felt your support.

Daniella Bumbacco

Sound as medicine is an intimate experience with one’s own body. The senses really come alive! The healing vibrations wash through the body and radiate out from key centres. It tingles and it delights when surrendered into. But it also stirs up some stagnant areas gone unchecked. It isn’t just about relaxation, it is a journey. Trust is a must.

Astaria holds tremendous space and truly honours the set intentions. Using intuitive and carefully conducted phases that grow into amazing waves, she has a presence that can’t be described in any other way than “Medicine Woman.” She is the Sound Puma.

Reiss Williams

Astaria is one of the most gifted and talented healers I have ever met. Her sound baths are transformative and incredibly healing and powerful. Astaria has to say very little in these sessions, the instruments and sounds do all of the work and create a meditative and spiritual experience. Astaria creates a sacred and safe space with the use of crystals and fairy lights. I felt relaxed and held like I was in a healing dome of light. I had many profound visions and messages that came to me during the session. I could feel the healing vibration of the music through my entire body and it relaxed my parasympathetic nervous system. I felt incredible after and had many vivid dreams that night. Astaria is an angel and channels an ancient healing practice through her sessions. She is amazing.

Leigh Kankewitt

I have been on many guided meditations and in my younger years, I took up the practice of meditation. I have used music both as a source of enjoyment and to relax. The sound therapy experience, however, took it to the next level. It incorporated all the techniques of a guided meditation and benefits of meditation with the unique approach of sound therapy.

As with all meditation, I found myself “letting go” of all of the busyness and concerns of the world and becoming focused on the here and now. The different sounds helped to bring me to that state of mindfulness. At one point I could feel my body “resonating” or “reverberating” with the instrument being played and I felt like my body was the instrument. At another point I felt the music taking me to a state of deep relaxation and healing. And at another point I entered a state of sleep. In the end I felt like I had just gone thru a night of deep and restful sleep. I felt rejuvenated and energized and at peace.

Phil T.

I had no idea the power of sound healing with Astaria. It cleared stuck/blocked energy in my body as I allowed the vibrations into me. The sounds were melodic and beautiful. Some sounds sounded like rain in the jungle which dug deep within me. I believe Astaria has a gift and her work is needed for people in healing and in our world.

Kyla Plaxton

Sound treatment from Astaria has propelled me deeper into my healing journey. Astaria creates a beautifully welcoming, nurturing space to allow my body to release the layers of pain it has been holding. I leave her sessions feeling a sense of release and serenity, knowing that my body has been fed the sounds it needs to heal.

Maureen E.

I had the bounty and pleasure of receiving a sound healing session with Astaria. At first I was apprehensive, as I didn’t think sound vibrations could do much for healing. But by the end, my mind was changed. Astaria left me not only at peace and feeling great, but my mind had also opened up to my inner child. Her sound healing took me on a journey through my childhood and I was able to see where many limiting beliefs that currently plague my adult life had taken root. If you’re looking for a unique and alternative method of healing, then I highly recommend Astaria. She’s a rare and talented gem and her services provide great succor to the broken-hearted and a healing balm to the mentally downtrodden.”

Eric Harper

Droplets of Inspiration

What a safe loving space Astaria offers upon one’s arrival! With her enchanting angelic voice, and all the different instruments Astaria intuitively plays; I sunk into a deep healing place.  Astaria’s song moves into so many worlds clearing, aligning the chakras, releasing the old no longer needed, and bringing in the new, resulting in absolute lightness. Be prepared to head home to bed and process through the night in a restful sleep. I have experienced sound healing before and I have to say Astaria has such a young, vibrant energy combined with the wisdom of an old intuitive soul. What a blissful transformation sound can make with the supportive guidance of Astaria!  

Sharon Lee www.healingheartcentre.com

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