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Authentic Voice and Self Expression Mentorship

Soul Support, Voice Empowerment, & Creative Activation

In our mentorship you will connect with your creative expression, discover your signature soul frequency, and free your authentic voice. With the supportive witnessing and intuitive guidance that Astaria offers, you will free your true voice and build the confidence you require to share your unique sound.

The World doesn’t need another clone, the World needs YOU!

Our greatest healing instrument is our voice!

Your voice can be used to speak your truth, to give form to your intentions, to take a stand for what you believe in, or to send healing vibration into your body, mind, and spirit.

The creative potential of your voice is infinite.

Explore and discover what the sacred instrument of your voice is capable of through vocal empowerment & soul expression sessions with Astaria.

YES, I want to FREE my VOICE!

light of sound- voice and sound healing

If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla

Your Authentic Voice is the Messenger of your Soul

light of sound - voice and sound healing

Authentic Voice Mentorship Offerings

The Colourfull Voice: Soul Expression Activation Journey

Codes of Light: Light Language Activation

authentic voice mentorship - voice and sound healing

The Colourfull Voice

Soul Expression Activation Journey

7 soul expression sessions: a rainbow journey to free the colours of your voice, activate your creativity, and embody your authentic expression.

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authentic voice mentorship - voice and sound healing

Codes of Light

Light Language Activation Package

5 Session Activation Package to unlock your unique soul light language

Are you ready to free your origin language and transmit codes of light? This activation package is for you.

I want to activate my Light Language

Your Creativity is your Greatest Super Power for manifesting the reality of your dreams.

Spiritual Guidance

*included in all sessions as necessary

Do you feel like you just need someone to talk with or witness you in your current process, someone who gets you, someone who’s been there? Astaria will hold space for you and offer suggestions for what may be useful to integrate into your life for optimal wellness. She has a variety of embodied experiences that she resources from and can assist you in coming up with a strategy for creative living that works with your individual needs. Your soul-centered sessions may begin with a meditation, check-in, and reflective discussion. Intuitive guidance and light language transmissions may also be shared. Each session is unique and is designed to serve your highest good, for exactly where you are in the moment.

Astaria really sees your soul essence and is able to reflect any shadows for integration, as well as your light for embodiment. 


My approach to working with clients

First of all, I believe that nothing really exists outside of ourselves and that everything we need is found within. Therefore, I consider my job as a ‘healer’ to be one of holding space for you to find your way back home to yourself, your empowerment, your inner knowing.

For many years, I outsourced my power and wisdom to external ‘authorities’ because I didn’t yet know myself or what I was capable of. I didn’t fully trust myself.

It’s taken many life initiations to lead me back to my own inner power and sovereignty. Because of this, I stand in my truth as an example for others to also discover their own unique path through life… to follow their own map. Just because something has helped me along my way, I don’t assume that these things will also be the answer for you. Instead, I tune into your unique energy, blueprint, and life experience to offer reflections to help you understand and forge your own path.

Having a little guidance along the way from those we trust and admire for the path they’ve journeyed is certainly helpful. This is why our elders are so important. They carry embodied wisdom. They’ve walked before us. I know that I can only go as deep with my clients as I have gone myself. So I continue to deepen into my own journey, facing my shadows with courage, and walking through the flames of challenge. I consider this part of my job description… and I embrace it all wholeheartedly. My life is devoted to growth, to becoming all of me, to releasing what no longer serves, and to transforming into the next layers of my embodiment.

With all of this said, the way I love to work is to meet you where you’re at, with compassion, empathy, understsanding, and deep witnessing. I intend to hold space for all of you to emerge, to invite in the parts of you that have been hiding, the exiled aspects of your self that may have been locked in shame, fear, or guilt so that you can meet your self, liberate your expression, and integrate your wholeness.

I harness my life experiences, the trainings and mentorships I’ve received, weaving with my creativity and intuitive abilities to curate sacred space for the mystery to unfold. I sit in the unknown with you and invite in depth and discovery.

We work with your intentions, whether that be to heal something, to release, let go, call in or embody. We explore together and discover the unique pathway that will lead you toward your desires.

We are a team. I am an ally on your path. I’m here to see you meet your desires, to encourage you to create the life of your dreams.

work with Astaria

Star Blossom Sound Healing Apprenticeship

Do you feel called to share sound medicine?

Apprentice with Astaria and receive 1-1 guidance that will empower you to start sharing voice and sound medicine for yourself, others, and the Earth.

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Sound and Voice Alchemy Sound Healing Voice Activation

Sound Spa

for your Soul

A private Soul Sound Spa session focuses on going deeper into personal healing with sound. You will receive focused intention to bring harmony to whatever is needed in your life at the moment. A session can simply be for deep relaxation or can focus on releasing and bringing balance to specific dis-harmonies within the mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects of your being.

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Within you, there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.

— Hermann Hesse

authentic voice mentorship - voice and sound healing

Sound Ceremony

for groups

A Sound Medicine Ceremony will support your deep dive into healing with sound. You will be guided into the inner landscape of your being, to breathe, to listen, and to receive intentional vibration to cultivate harmony where it is most needed in your life at the moment.

This sounds amazing, I want to organize a ceremony with you

To explore if journeying together in an authentic voice mentorship feels in alignment for you at this time, please reach out


Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

— Muriel Strode

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Droplets of Inspiration

So excited to experience another body and star-soul alignment journey with this embodied and ompowerful Goddess of Appointed Light. If you want some empowerment with clearing stale energy or emotional trauma, this is a very safe and loving environment to do so within. ~Lovolution Goddess Earth!

Jeffry Colin Vos

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