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Astaria Light of Sound



first of all, let me introduce myself…

Hello, I’m Astaria, a radiant soul immersed in Costa Rica’s lush beauty, not just a devoted mother and visionary musician but the luminary presence behind Light of Sound. Originating from the rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada, my early years were filled with nature’s melodies, which ignited a profound understanding of the vibrational world of sound.

In 2008, my journey with cacao as a sacred medicine began. The magic of cacao, discovered while working as a chocolatier in a small family-owned chocolate shop, later led me to Costa Rica and Guatemala. Deepening my connection, I went on to host cacao and sound ceremonies, sharing the heart-opening magic that chocolate evokes.

Since 2014, I’ve traveled sharing sound and voice medicine, working as a resident retreat sound healer, participating in a sound mystery school, and curating transformative events. As a certified Sound Alchemist and experienced Voice Midwife, my role extends to guiding individuals and groups in unlocking the transformative power of their voice. Much like a midwife birthing the authentic expression within, I facilitate experiences that nurture the exploration and emergence of each unique voice. This process involves creating a sacred space for individuals to connect with their vocal essence, fostering a deeper understanding of their sonic self and empowering the discovery of their unique expression.

My multidimensional voice, combined with various instruments, creates harmonious soundscapes that not only clear the path to love and freedom, but also serve as a vessel for the rebirth of one’s authentic voice. I also love to empower others on this path, who hear the call to activate their own sound medicine in service to others, by offering mentorship.

My love for Mother Earth weaves through my being, inspiring Light of Sound’s sacred mission to awaken truth, love, and freedom through the transformative power of sound, voice, and the heart-opening medicine of cacao.

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Astaria Light of Sound

Private Sound Healing Sessions

Bathe in the soothing frequencies of multiple sound tools, instruments, and multi-dimensional vocalizations.

1-1 shamanic sound sessions allow us to dive deep to discover and address what is currently going on in your life that you need support with to release, integrate, and embody. Relax to allow natural healing and harmonize with sound.

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Group Sound Healing Ceremony

Be guided into a deep journey through sound, where you will bathe in the soothing frequencies of multiple sound tools, instruments, and multi-dimensional vocalizations.

In a group Sound Ceremony, you will be invited into relaxation as you are serenaded with a diverse array of vibrational soundscapes, lovingly curated using a variety of sound tools, instruments, and vocal transmissions.

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Voice Liberation Sessions

Free your authentic voice, speak your truth, sing your soul songs, express your full spectrum wholeness…

Clear blockages around your throat chakra so that you can show up with more courage, confidence, and creativity, embodied as your true self.

Group Voice Activation workshops are also available… Come together to explore, play, and dive deep into your vocal expression. This experiential container is facilitated with a variety of exercises to support the liberation of your creative expression.

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Cacao Ceremony

Drop into the heart, connect with what’s alive in your life, set intentions, then allow the medicine to work its magic.

Enjoy the heart opening properties of cacao, while we connect with our vulnerability, deepening into intimacy, and surrendering into deep relaxation with a soothing sound bath.

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Acupuncture & Sound Healing

Relax, receive & rejuvenate your mind, body, & spirit in this profound community healing session.

The ancient technology of sound combined with the medicine of acupuncture will deepen and awaken the wisdom of your body’s innate intelligence, allowing you to fully surrender into your natural healing process.

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Sound Healer Apprenticeship

Activate your gifts as a sound healer, learn your unique way of sharing musical medicine, and share your voice with those who you’re here to serve.

Is your soul singing to you, calling you home into the world of sound and vibration? It’s time to step into your role as a frequency keeper, to know your medicine and to feel confident to share it.

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Private Retreat

Inner Harmony: Awakening through Sound

Join us on a 1-1 journey into light through sound as we explore the ways that this vibrational healing modality relaxes our nervous system, calms our mind, and invites us into deeper harmony with ourselves and the Earth.

Feeling called to spend some time in the Divine Feminine Frequency of the Costa Rican Jungle? Join Astaria for a deep dive retreat experience, spend time together and allow yourself to be nourished in many ways.

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Activate your inner healer, discover how you can be in service to others, and share your gifts in the world.

You know you have something special to share and you feel your soul calling you to deepen into your medicine path as a healer, a lightworker, a guide, a leader, a sacred artist, etc. You’re ready for some support and guidance to assist you on this journey and are willing to move through the layers of lessons that are awaiting your arrival into your embodied soul purpose.

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Astaria Light of Sound

Akashic Oracle Readings

Receive healing energy, guidance, compassion, and innerstanding from your Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records hold the memory of all consciousness, past, present, and future. Your guides, teachers, and loved ones have compassion, wisdom, healing, and teachings to offer you, but only if you ask. Access the records and receive clarity for your journey, deeper understanding around specific things that are arising in your life at this time, and healing transmissions to support you.

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Droplets of Inspiration

I cannot describe into words the state of peace and resonance felt while receiving a nourishing sound bath from this beautiful sister. Her angelical voice, pristine positive and vibrant energy, combined with sacred frequencies from the instruments she uses, facilitate entering the deepest levels of meditation and peace. I cannot recommend her enough and am super excited to dive deeper with her online course offerings. Love her so much ❤️?

Aliné Calabria De Amorim

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