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Light of Sound
Voice & Sound Healing

Light of Sound


Are you ready to discover your inner light, free your voice, and embody your creative expression?

If so, you’ve found yourself in just the right place, at the ornate entrance to the temple of your soul initiation, where you will free your authentic self and become the YOU who you came here to BE.

I invite you to step through the threshold of whatever limitations have been holding you back, and into the mystery of the unknown, the place where your potential lives.

It is here, you are welcomed home to the discovery of your truth and to the remembrance of who you are, where your soul gifts awaken.

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Light of Sound Temple - Voice & Sound Healing

I am here to support you on your journey of freeing your voice, healing with sound, and expressing your creativity

Imagine how it will feel for you to be embodied in your truth, sharing your love and Divine Gifts with yourself and others?

This is the best feeling in the world!

We are in a time where activating our innate gifts and sharing our magic is absolutely imperative for us to co-create the New Earth reality that we have been dreaming of and praying for.

We are in a time known as the REGEN-aissance, where creatives, healers, visionaries, and change-makers are recognizing that THIS is what we came here for. THIS is the time to step into our power and BE the CHANGE we have been praying for.


We are here to regenerate ourselves, our home, and our relationships into a more sustainable way of being, where we all thrive together in harmony.

It takes innovation and a caring heart to cultivate the transformation that is needed to give form to a new way.

You are not alone on this journey. There are many others out there like you, who are awakening to their truth, who are ready to step into their purpose and activate their soul mission.

Activate your soul expression

Light of Sound Temple - Voice & Sound Healing

We are here to walk each other home

together we RISE




The dreams that you carry were planted within your soul so that one day you would wake up and remember who you really are and why you are here. These seeds have been germinating and are beginning to sprout. It is important to nurture and encourage these dreams so that they may flourish.

Your Ancestors dreamt you into being, and you are the actualization of prayer once sung. Part of this journey is in realizing that you are connected with a lineage that goes far beyond this life.

The dreams you carry are important. Never underestimate your desires.

Noticing what ignites your excitement is key for innerstanding your destiny.

The time is NOW to awaken the dream of your soul.


voice and sound healing

Light of Sound Temple - Voice & Sound Healing

I want to sing like birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.

― Rumi

The Earth is calling you home to ReMember who you are

…LISTEN, She says…

Your uniqueness is needed here, NOW more than ever before!

In a time where there is more distraction than ever, where there are so many things vying for our attention, we must realize that where our attention goes, energy flows.
So what is it that you want to grow in your life? What fruits and flowers do you want to cultivate in this soul garden?

Have a listen to “Hear Her”, a prayer song written by Astaria that is devoted to the Earth.

She’s speaking to you, listen listen listen…

Hear Her - Light of Sound Temple - Voice & Sound Healing

Discover more about the creation of Hear Her & the lyrics of this song

Light of Sound Temple - Voice & Sound Healing

all of you is welcome here

Let me introduce myself…

Hi, my name is Astaria and I am here to assist you along part of your journey, to help you discover your own unique path.

Consider me your rainbow spirit guide and soul supporter, here to help you embody your full-spectrum expression as we cross the bridge from your heart to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

We all need a little guidance at times along our way, after all, we are here to help walk each other home.

I have been blessed to receive support from many mentors, healers, coaches, and Angels along my journey and it delights me to offer this love forward to those who are ready to heal old wounds and transform into all they are here to be.

At Light of Sound Temple, I have cultivated the powerful tools of voice and sound healing to catalyze awakening experiences that support attunement with the frequency that your soul carries.

Everything is vibration and we get to choose how we want to align our energy.

Please reach out and connect to set up a time with me so that we can tune into your unique journey of voice and sound healing and discover if working together feels in resonance.


About Your Guidess

Light of Sound Temple - Voice & Sound Healing

Astaria is a Voice Midwife, Sound Alchemist, and Creativity Catalyst here at Light of Sound Temple. She is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, a Reiki Master, Shamanic Medicine Guide, Vocal Activation Coach, and trained Counsellor.

Through Shamanic voice retrieval, she assists those who have been disconnected from their expression, silenced by trauma and patriarchal programming, to reclaim their birthright to be all of who they are, with courage and confidence. She guides people to embody their most authentic nature, liberating the full spectrum of their energetic signature. She inspires the emergence of creativity and the sharing of our unique soul gifts.

Astaria facilitates safely supported experiences for clients to dive deep into their healing journey, awaken truth, and connect with their authentic expression. Using her multidimensional voice, along with a variety of other sound healing instruments, she curates experiences for clients and community gatherings where individuals are guided to discover their own light within, through reclaiming the parts of self that have been hiding in the shadows. She knows that all beings have a unique voice to share and she empowers this voice into freedom by offering the techniques that she has integrated along her throat chakra healing journey.

Her love for Mother Nature and her infinite curiosity for creation, keep her always learning more and discovering the magic of life. She loves sharing the universal language of music for evoking emotion, sparking remembrance, and connecting our hearts.

At the moment, Astaria facilitates voice and sound healing experiences in Costa Rica, as well as globally online.

Have a listen to a sample of Astaria’s sound recordings

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Costa Rica Sound Healing Ceremony Voice Coaching Astaria Light of Sound

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Droplets of Inspiration

Nestled in blackberry and rose thickets, within a traditional style tipi, received from a First Nations tribe in the prairies, whose inside came alive with a warm fire and tender hearts, Astaria Light opened a sacred cacao ceremony, and the journey of a Sound of the Heart ignited.

The enchanting cacao bubbled to life as it was honoured in each person’s favourite mug and began to work magic with its aroma, alluring tenderness and soothing richness in spirit. Intentions of release and renewal echoed within the chambers of the tipi as sharing and honouring of each other’s journey was embraced.

Astaria’s timeless and galactic voice tickled the cacao to life within the veins, combining the sound of the elements, the rainbow of vibration-shifting instruments, with ethereal feminine beauty of voice, guiding the voyage to the internal planes within, into the deepest chambers of the heart.

The sound of the heart gently and powerfully encouraged the shutters to swing open, bringing in fresh vibrating breath, a joyous sigh of relief in reconnection, while letting out the stale and stagnant frequencies. Brought back down to earth by the surrounding chorus of birds and soft summer breezes, the glow of cacao remained in all.

What a heart-filled joy to experience the love of Astaria Light, her relationship to the sacred plant medicine of cacao, and most importantly the gift of the internal journey to the heart that was offered around a warm fire with tender hearts.


Stephanie Woods

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