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Voice Liberation

Have you felt your voice stuck in your throat, without knowing how to fully express yourself?
Or perhaps you experience fear when confronted with opportunities to share your authentic truth…?

Voice Activation sessions will empower you to move through fear and step into your courage as you embody the truth of who you really are.
You will be supported to overcome shyness, reclaim your joy through creative expression, and unapologetically speak your truth.

The time is NOW to break the silence, activate your throat chakra, and share your unique voice with the world.

This woman had spent most of her life with a repressed voice. In this session, as you can hear, she was able to free her voice and liberate her expression. Before this day, she had no idea that she could make these sounds

These sessions are for you if:

If this sounds familiar, it would be our deepest honor to embark on this journey with you.

The world needs your VOICE!

I want to FREE MY VOICE!

Claiming our voice is not a luxury, but a need!

Wherever you are on your journey of expressing yourself, you are not alone!

I’ve been on this same path most of my life, intimately familiar with that anxiety and constriction. There was a time when I too felt trapped by silence as I watched others blossom, wondering when I’d gain the courage to speak, to sing, to shine. Similar to how you likely feel now, I just got tired of it holding me back!

Through deep work and experiential play, I came out on the other side with tools and practices that have forever changed me. Now I want to share them with you. I’ve learned to use the vibrations of the voice to shift and align my thoughts, to break through the fear, find healing, and reclaim my own power. 

Say this mantra to your self in the mirror:

“My voice is important. I speak my truth and share my emotions with ease. I am fully heard. My truth is valid. I always find the right words to say. I trust in my truth and my voice. I honor my truth and my voice fully.”

Will you join me on this journey?

I want to share a bit of my story with you…

Hi, my name is Astaria… (learn more about how I came into my name here). I used to be a fashion designer, who later turned into a sound healer and voice empowerment guide. After receiving a life-threatening health diagnosis and being told I would die if I didn’t go on medication for the rest of my life, I said no to the drugs, quit my career and dove deep into my healing journey. I was determined to discover a way to heal myself naturally. 

Up until this point, I had spent most of my life in silence, fearing any moment that required me to speak. I had dreams of singing, but didn’t think it was possible due to how fearful I felt to use my voice.

I was told I had Hashimotos, a thyroid auto-immune disease, and that there was no way to cure it, rather to just manage my symptoms with medication (classic western medicine approach). I soon discovered that the thyroid is directly connected to the throat chakra. Many years of repressed trauma, holding secrets and unspoken truths had caused a major blockage in my expression. 

At the age of 31, I began to open my voice, by sharing my truth more vulnerably with others, making strange sounds, and singing openly for the first time in my life. 

2 years after this health diagnosis and after going through many dark nights of the soul facing my shadows, I received results from lab tests revealing that I had healed myself from this mysterious ‘incurable’ disease, naturally.

It was working with vibration, the healing power of my own voice, and shifting my mindset that assisted on this journey.
I am so honoured and delighted to now guide others to free their voice. 

learn more about my approach to working with clients

Your Voice is your most powerfull instrument!

Your voice is your most powerful healing instrument for creation, empowerment, and sovereignty. 

You can literally create the life of your dreams through the manifestation tool of your voice. 

First, you must clear what’s in the way of your expression, next listen and connect in with your soul calling, then free your voice as a way to embody your soul signature frequency. 

We will be journeying together through these initiations, crossing the threshold of what holds you back into a world where you get to be the version of yourself that you dream of. 

We will be activating the throat chakra with the intention of being able to share the truth of who you are, so that you can embody that which you desire to create in this lifetime. 

Everything is made of vibration. Every part of you is singing a song. 

Let’s listen and open up the songlines of our body, to restore harmony and wellness in our being.

Sacred Alchemy


With Your Soul’s Purpose

Join us in guided meditations, sound healing, chanting, journaling exercises, and other creative modalities to tune into the deepest part of our yearning – the voice within that’s calling us into communion with our divine self and our mission.


The Obstacles

Through shamanic ritual, toning, vocal activation & other modes of expression, we will move through the threshold of transformation. We will enter deep into the healing process and transmute our pain into power.


Your Soul Song

We’ll use various practices to help you hear your voice and learn how to express it. Through intuitive movement and soul embodiment, you’ll connect with your heart’s voice and free your authentic expression.

We will no longer be silenced!

Our voices are the key to greater liberation and empowerment!

All the answers you seek are inside of you. We invite you to be held in sacred space with us on your own journey to connect with your heart, hear from your inner guidance, free your voice, empower yourself, and share your Soul Song.

Join Us

Group Voice Activation Playshop

We will gather in a safe, supportive, and nurturing container of compassionate acceptance to hold space for you to explore, discover, and share your voice. 

The is a deep ceremonial experience where we will encourage you to free yourself from limiting blockages around your voice, shift out of your hiding places, and discover deeper expression and creativity within your vocal instrument. 

This is an experiential container, held for your transformation. 
We will be activating the body as our instrument, through movement, breath, and sound. 

You do not have to be an experienced singer to join this playshop. All voices are invited and welcome to explore, play, and practice. 

This container welcomes ALL of you, just as you are

This group experience is a great addition to your retreat or for a group of friends wanting to explore together.

Is your Soul Calling you?

Envision yourself sharing your voice in its unique expression and harmony.

Join us in opening your heart to creativity, gratitude, inspiration, and love.

We invite you to FREE YOUR VOICE.

Free Your Voice: Embody Your Expression

life is a choose your own adventure…

If you’re unsure about signing up for a full deep dive journey with Astaria, you’re welcome to book a single session to explore what the possibilities available to you.

email to book a single session

Otherwise we highly recommend the our deep dive journey into activating your soul expression! This package will guide you through the multiple layers of what has been holding you back so that you can experience true liberation on the other side.

I’m ready for the full deep dive journey!

If you’re wanting to host a group activation experience, for your retreat or a group of friends, please reach out.

book your group voice activation playshop

Your Guide along the Journey

Voice Midwife & Empowerment Guide

Astaria is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Medicine Guide, Vocal Activation Coach, and Counsellor.

As a Voice Midwife, she assists those who have been disconnected from their expression, silenced by trauma and patriarchal programming, to reclaim their birthright to be all of who they are with courage and confidence. She guides people to embody their most authentic nature, liberating the full spectrum of their energetic signature. She inspires the emergence of creativity and the sharing of our unique soul gifts.

Astaria facilitates safe spaces for clients to dive deep into their healing journey, awaken truth, and connect with the heart. Using her multidimensional voice, along with many other instruments, she shares healing sessions with clients and community gatherings to help individuals experience a deeper connection with themselves. She knows that all beings have a unique voice to share and she empowers this voice into freedom by offering the techniques that she has learned along her throat chakra healing journey.

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Astaria’s voice is healing medicine. I will always remember how much love it has!! ❤️

Lira Calix

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