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Listen to Aurora

A journey of soul soothing piano melodies…

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Listen to this album and find the song of your soul calling you…

If you’re feeling especially worried, anxious, stressed, tense, or fearful lately, try the following…

Take a moment to pause.

Sit or lay down with your spine straight.

Connect in with our Divine Mother Earth and our Divine Father Sky.

Breathe in deeply, slowly.

Exhale, slowly.
Let go.


Drop into your body.

Feel the sensations that are present.

Simply observe what’s here.






And while you’re relaxing, surrendering, allow the piano to take you on a journey…

We begin with Forsythia (named after my mama)… we take our first rite of passage into becoming, through our Mother.

We enter this world and soon discover that it’s challenging in many ways to be here. 

We enter into the Dark Sacred Night, where everything feels uncertain, sometimes scary, filled with grief and sorrow, questioning our existence, contemplating death… 

We find our self in the Chrysalis, a journey into the deep unknown, where death occurs and we let go into a space of transformation. 

From complete disintegration into nothing, surrendering everything we’ve known up until this point, we begin our journey of Awakening, of receiving a new breath, of realizing that there is more life to live. 

It is the first light of a new dawn that breaks, that calls our soul forth, Aurora giving us hope.

There IS a light at the end of this tunnel. The dark mystery unveils to reveal a new day. A new life. Another breath. 

And it is in the silent stillness between the sound that you find yourself.



You are held.

***You are invited to go on this journey anytime you feel ready to let something go and refresh your energy. Focus on what is present and alive at the moment, and imagine yourself journeying with this music into the chrysalis … to be transformed.

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About the Album

Most of these melodies came to me when I allowed my self to feel, to drop into my heart, and express what was alive there. 

It started when I was 4 years old, when my parents put me into classical music lessons. 

As a young girl, the piano gave me a voice to play with and express my emotions through. 

Somewhere along the way, I abandoned meaning for materialism, and forgot my love for being a conduit for the Divine, an instrument for that which cannot be expressed through words. 

In my early 30s, it was the piano that led me back to my heart, the sweet sound of the soul which called me home to my purpose and the promise of harmony as we remember our truth. 

These melodies have played through my soul, often under the light of the full moon, inspired sound, sung sweetly through my fingertips. 

This music is intended to evoke emotion, remembrance of your soul’s essence, and activation of your loving heart. 

I dedicate my life and this music to bringing Harmony to our Mother Earth. 

May you follow the path of your heart, remember your truth, and be in service to your dreams. 

What people are saying

Your amazing music on the piano opens so many doors to the mystery. I listen to this album day and night. Thank you.


These piano tracks are so evocative and soul soothing. I’ve been listening to them at night, with candles, while I work on my art.

Lele Heartloom


Brendan S.

holy wow, Angelic Heart Medicine piano journeys…

Christie H.

Listening to this music helped alleviate all anxiety I was feeling and left me in a state of calm and peace that I haven’t ever felt before.

Mikal R.

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About Astaria

The piano is the first instrument Astaria learned to play. Starting at the age of 4, she was soon channeling melodies as a way to share what she felt in her soul.

The Piano became her voice for what she could not express otherwise.

Her sound healing journey began at the keys of the piano. With all the conflict and chaos in her childhood home, her sensitive soul found solace, peace, and calm with the soothing sounds of the piano.

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Droplets of Inspiration

Astaria recently guided me through an incredible 7 session vocal activation journey, which was absolutely life changing!
Though our journey together, I was able to clear blockages around expressing my voice, dive deeper into the power of singing and open up to my authentic self… I now feel so light and free.
I highly recommend Astaria’s work, she has a true gift to offer.


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