FREE YOUR VOICE: Embody Your Expression Guatemala Retreat is NOW open for enrollment.

Soul Expression Activation

7 soul expression sessions: a rainbow journey to free the colours of your voice, activate your creativity, and embody your authentic expression.

*available in person or virtually

Over this awakening journey we will dive deep together, clearing and releasing what may be blocking your energy centers so that you can reWild and reClaim the colours of your authentic voice and creative expression. You will activate your Rainbow Body and integrate fragmented shadow aspects of yourself back into a state of wholeness, well-being, and harmony.

Work with Astaria to both clear your being for soul-aligned living and cultivate your inner radiance so that you are connected with your creative essence and soul-purpose path.

We will discuss key areas of focus and you will receive guidance on steps you can take next on your journey, then we will harness the power of your own vocal vibration to release, clear, attune, and integrate.

Your soul is the guide during these sessions. We work with whatever is alive in your heart and present in your reality, to release limiting programs or old energies that no longer serve, so that you may be free to integrate and embody the energy of your uniqueness, creating a life that you love, a life that feels authentic and fulfilling.

I want to Free my Authentic Expression

Free Your Voice ~ Free Your Soul

A sample of what we may cover in our transformational journey together:

explore your primal sound as you connect with the Earth and feel your body in relation to all things.

Session 2: CREATION
connect with your sexual expression and the energy of your creative flow

Session 3: POWER
claim your sovereign voice, inner authority, and courage. Release your ROAR

Session 4: LOVE
free your heart song, opening to both give and receive generosity, gratitude, abundance, and love

connect with your soul message and speak your truth

Session 6: INTUITION
explore your intuition and the voice of your soul

Session 7: SOURCE
open your channel to your higher self and the consciousness of your soul star

Included in this package: recordings of all sessions, resources to enhance your journey, text support between sessions, additional audio meditations as needed.

Schedule a free Connection Call to explore if working together is right for you at this time

Your Creativity is your Greatest Super Power for manifesting the reality of your dreams.

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I love listening to Astaria’s soothing voice and beautiful piano melodies. Her music is amazing and brings me to tears πŸ’§

Starseed Sounds

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