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Soul Expression Activation

7 soul expression sessions: a rainbow journey to free the colours of your voice, activate your creativity, and embody your authentic expression.

This is our signature offering. We have guided many people through this activation sequence. The journey unfurls differently for each person, because each person is unique.
In this Soul Expression Activation we work with your signature soul essence and with what’s currently alive in your reality so that we can dive deep together and call forth the embodiment of your truth.

● Have you been feeling the call to free your voice and express yourself more creatively?
● Do you want to connect more deeply with your soul purpose path?
● Do you want to activate your inner witch through the healing power of your voice, so that you can liberate yourself and others?
● Are you ready to speak your truth with confidence and ease?
● Are you ready to release all fear of what others think of you so that you can stand unapologetically in your power?
● Do you desire to courageously communicate your boundaries, convey your desires, and develop deeper intimacy in your relationships?
● Are you ready to consciously create your reality using the manifestation tool of your voice?
● Do you want to activate your musicality and sing from your soul?
● Are you ready to speak straight from your heart, express your emotions and cultivate a sense of safety in your being whilst doing so?
● Do you long to connect with your wild feminine nature and feel free in your body?

Over this awakening and remembering journey, we will dive deep together, clearing and releasing what may be blocking your energy centers so that you can reWild and reClaim the colours of your authentic voice and creative expression. You will activate your Rainbow Body and integrate fragmented shadow aspects of yourself back into a state of wholeness, well-being, and harmony.

You will work with Astaria to both clear your being for soul-aligned living and cultivate your inner radiance so that you are connected with your creative essence and soul-purpose path.

We will discuss key areas of focus and you will receive guidance on steps you can take next on your journey, then we will harness the power of your own vocal vibration to release, clear, attune, and integrate.

Your soul is the guide during these sessions. We work with whatever is alive in your heart and present in your reality, to release limiting programs or old energies that no longer serve, so that you may be free to integrate and embody the energy of your uniqueness, creating a life that you love, a life that feels authentic and fulfilling.

If you feel the call of your soul and this interests you, please send an email to either request a connection call, ask any questions you may have, or to schedule your journey with Astaria.

I want to Free my Soul Expression

Your voice carries sonic codes for your healing, liberation, & awakening.
When you share your voice, you also awaken the codes that are dormant in others.
This is WHY it is SO important to share your VOICE.
Your Voice is needed for the reharmonization of our original sound signature.

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This experience is for you if

You want to explore and activate the potential of your creativity.
You dream of singing with confidence and ease, instead of feeling constricted by your inner critic.
You are DONE with the harrowing frustration of knowing you have more to share but feeling unable to express it.
You long to freely express your authentic self without fear.
You desire to express your emotions in a way that feels fluid.
You are ready to let go of judgment and the fear of what others think and step into the embodiment of your truth.
You struggle to speak and hold your boundaries and want to develop more assertiveness.
You don’t want to be held back by shame or self-doubt anymore.
You desire to experience deeper intimacy in your relationships.
You yearn to break free from the traumas of your past so you can embody your true self.
You are OVER feeling stuck, playing small, and feeling shy.
You are excited to explore your divine feminine energy through the portal of your voice.
You are ready to explore and unleash your fullest self-expression.
You are excited to open your channel as an instrument for your higher self to express and to allow the energy of the Earth to flow through your voice.
You are interested in sound healing, or are a practicing healer and want to explore incorporating your voice into your healing sessions.
You’re ready to shed inhibition, transform your story, and live unapologetically on your own terms!
You are ready to step into your leadership as an embodied vessel of love.

If any of this sounds familiar, it would be our deepest honor to embark on this journey with you.

The world needs your VOICE!

Free Your Voice ~ Free Your Soul

A sample of what we may cover in our transformational journey together

*available in person or virtually

explore your primal sound as you connect with the Earth and feel your body in relation to all things.

Session 2: CREATION
connect with the voice of your womb, your sexual expression, and the energy of your creative flow

Session 3: POWER
claim your sovereign voice, inner authority, and courage. Know your boundaries and release your ROAR through sacred rage

Session 4: LOVE
free your heart song, opening to both give and receive generosity, gratitude, abundance, and love

connect with your soul message, sing your creativity, and speak your truth

Session 6: INTUITION
know your self, explore your intuition and the voice of your soul

Session 7: SOURCE
open your channel to your higher self and the consciousness of your soul star. Remember your connection to the ALL and cultivate your flow state.

Included in this package: recordings of all sessions, resources to enhance your journey, text support between sessions, additional audio meditations as needed.

Schedule a free Connection Call to explore if working together is right for you at this time

Soul Expression - Astaria

activate your unique soul expression

“Talking is the voice of human, singing is the voice of soul.”
~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

awaken through the sound of your voice

Some of the benefits you may experience from activating your voice

● release endorphins and oxytocin to decrease stress and anxiety
● boost your immunity
● improve your lung capacity to breathe easier
● increase empathy and understanding in your relationships
● broaden your communication skills
● feel calmer and more relaxed, lowering your blood pressure
● improve cognition, boost your memory and clear your mind
● decrease depression and cultivate more joy
● promote a healthy mind and heart, which increases life expectancy

Sing your self awake

Listen to an example of a vocal transmission from Astaria:

I want to hear more

Your voice is your most powerfull instrument!

The potential of your voice is limitless.
There are infinite possibilities of creative potential that you are able to access through your voice.

your voice is as younique as your thumbprint

Your voice is youniquely YOURS! No one else has your voice.

You may have been told to be quiet as a child, or perhaps someone said something negative about your voice along the way. This is a very common experience that can cause us to shut down our vocal expression.

Various forms of trauma can cause our expressive centers to retract in order to feel safe. We make ourselves small and quiet, almost invisible so as to avoid harm.

Eventually, we become tired of having to hold ourselves back, frustrated from being reserved, fed up with staying quiet. There comes a time when we must take a risk, to step out of our comfort zone and blossom into our fullest potential.

Your voice provides a gateway to your authentic soul expression.
Will you step into the unknown to discover the truth of who you are and open your voice to share your self?

I want to explore my voice

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

― Anais Nin

what people are saying

Since freeing my voice with Astaria, I feel more confident in speaking my truth, sharing my vulnerability, and showing up more authentically.


Astaria recently guided me through an incredible 7 session vocal activation journey, which was absolutely life changing!
Though our journey together, I was able to clear blockages around expressing my voice, dive deeper into the power of singing and open up to my authentic self… I now feel so light and free. 
I highly recommend Astaria’s work, she has a true gift to offer.

SHELLY-DEE (sound healer)

After my transformational sound & voice healing session with Astaria, I feel grounded, ready, and empowered to complete my book and share my message with the world, knowing that the time is NOW!

JENNIFER MARTIN (healer & author)

The power of song has helped me transform fear to love. Astaria has been coaching me for the last 2 years using vocal toning and sound healing. My voice and connection to love has grown immensely with her support. My voice has opened in ways I didn’t know were possible and I feel more confident sharing it with others.

JEAN PULLEN (author)
read more testimonials here

I want to be SUNG by life, to let go and surrender to the sound current, and know what it feels like to be at one with the natural flow.

the investment into your vocal liberation

$1333USD is the investment into this sacred journey.

my voice is my key to creative freedom

this experience includes

● 7 live 1-1 sessions, held over Zoom or in-person (sessions are between 1.5-2 hours)
● Recordings of all live sessions so that you can refer back to any key points
● A private Telegram connection space where you can receive support in between sessions
● Additional relevant resources and homeplay assignments to support your integration process (such as recommended readings, practices, or audio recordings)

I’m ready to activate my voice

The medicine of our time and space together will be guided by your soul. Whatever is alive in you, whatever is present in your life, is exactly what we’ll be connecting with as a gateway into the deeper layers of your journey.

You are held, you are safe, and all of you is welcome here.

1-on-1 mentoring spaces are limited to a small number of committed and sincere individuals who are ready to make an investment in themselves, take responsibility for their life, and have the willingness to integrate discoveries and take action.

learn more about my approach with clients

Astaria - Soul Expression - Light of Sound

All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature.

― Rudolf Steiner

Meet Your Guidess

Astaria - Light of Sound - Soul Expression

Astaria is a Voice Midwife, Sound Alchemist, and Creativity Catalyst.
She is certified as a Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Medicine Practitioner, Vocal Activation Coach, and trained Counsellor.

Through Shamanic voice retrieval, she assists those who have been disconnected from their expression, silenced by trauma and patriarchal programming, to reclaim their birthright to be all of who they are with courage and confidence. She guides people to embody their most authentic nature, liberating the full spectrum of their energetic signature. She inspires the emergence of creativity and the sharing of our unique soul gifts.

Astaria facilitates safely supported experiences for clients to dive deep into their healing journey, awaken truth, and connect with their authentic expression.

After spending a large part of her life in silence, she reached a point when she could no longer hold back her voice. She underwent a series of initiations and dark nights of the soul in order to reclaim her voice and remember who she is. Since learning how to heal herself, she has been sharing the medicine she’s cultivated with others, to empower the freedom of expression in those who are ready to share their gifts.

She knows that all beings have a unique voice to share and she empowers this voice into freedom by offering the techniques that she has learned along her throat chakra healing journey.

Her love for Mother Nature and her infinite curiosity for creation, keep her always learning more and discovering the magic of life. She loves sharing the universal language of music for evoking emotion, sparking remembrance, and connecting our hearts.

Singing & sounding with our voice instantaneously connects us with our heart!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m vibing so hard on everything I’ve read so far! How do I sign up for this journey?
Please fill out the application form from your heart and we will then inform you with the next steps.

Do I need to be an experienced singer to join this journey?
No, this journey has been designed to meet you where you’re at. Experienced or not, we are all singers and creators. If you can speak, then you can sing.
This journey is less about trying to be perfect through learning singing techniques and more about embracing the perfection that we already are by sounding to learn.
This isn’t your typical voice coaching experience. This journey is designed to help you unlock hidden aspects of your voice in all areas of your life. We will be addressing what it is that stops you from expressing and supporting you to feel confident sharing your authentic voice. We will explore your growth edges, that which feels uncomfortable, so that you can step through the threshold of what has been holding you back.
You may have a desire to sing or to sound in a more expanded way, or perhaps simply to express your truth through your writing, public speaking, intimate communication within relationships, knowing your boundaries, etc. We all have SOMEthing to share. This journey will empower you to tune into your unique soul message and feel confident expressing that which is most meaningfull to you.

How do I figure out our time zone connection?
Our session times will be held in CST (Central Standard Time). You can find out how this converts to your particular time zone here.

What is the time commitment of doing this journey?
We will connect live for 1.5-2hours/week.
How much time you put in beyond this is up to you. We always recommend homeplay in between sessions so that you can really integrate and embody these initiations (for example, a daily vocal toning practice or writing ritual, which could take up to 30 minutes).

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we do. Please specify on the application form if you need this.

I have a question not listed here, how can I contact you to ask for what I need?
Please send an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Email if you have additional queries or questions

Your Creativity is your Greatest Super Power for manifesting the reality of your dreams.

If you’re feeling the call to activate your voice and your creative expression, please fill out an application form and we will be in touch.

apply now

I look forward to hearing you

‘Sing’, for this is food our hungry world needs.


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Astaria takes you on a magical journey!

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