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Sound Spa & Ceremony

Awaken through Sound and Discover Inner Harmony

Do you want to feel a sense of inner peace and calm?
Would you like to be bathed in soothing vibrations as Astaria sings to your soul?
Are you ready to relax completely and feel rejuvenated?
Do you want to remember your truth and cultivate clarity in your mind?
Are you ready to let go of stress and anxiety and allow yourself to receive a nourishing sound healing treatment?

We are made of Light & Sound

Soul Sound Spa

Allow yourself to relax and receive a nourishing sound healing treatment

*these sessions are only available in person

A private Soul Sound Spa session focuses on going deeper into personal healing with sound. You will receive focused intention to bring harmony to whatever is needed in your life at the moment. A session can simply be for deep relaxation or can focus on releasing and bringing balance to specific dis-harmonies within the mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects of your being.

Sessions include crystal bowls played on the body accompanied by a variety of other vibrational sound tools. Astaria is a soul singer, meaning that you may also receive a channeled song for your soul, a resonant melody that is completely unique to your session.

Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of various instruments and vibrational sound tools, as they facilitate deep peace and relaxation in your being, raising your frequency, balancing the energy in your body, and promoting a sense of harmonious well-being.

A sound bath feels like receiving a spa for your soul. Bathing in the frequencies of sound is like getting a massage for your mind, body, and spirit.

I want to experience Inner Harmony

Keepers of Frequency, which is what we are encouraging you to become, learn how to modulate the frequency they hold through the use of Sound. Sound can penetrate any substance, move molecules, and rearrange realities. 

—  The Pleiadians (via Barbara Marciniak)

Some of the benefits of receiving sound therapy:

Clarity and balance
Improved memory and concentration
Improved sleep
A stronger immune system
Improved creativity
Relieve stress, anxiety, tension, pain, PTSD, and depression in the mind and body

Everything in the universe is energy. All energy is movement, all movement is vibration and all vibration is sound. Like a tuning fork for a piano, Sound Medicine will restore the body to its optimum attunement.

— Edgar Cayce

Sound Ceremony for groups

*these sessions are available in person or live over Zoom

A Sound Medicine Ceremony will support your deep dive into healing with sound. You will be guided into the inner landscape of your being, to breathe, to listen, and to receive intentional vibration to cultivate harmony where it is most needed in your life at the moment.

Surrender to the sounds of various dynamic instruments and vibrational healing tools, where you will bathe in the multidimensionality of vocalized light frequencies, as Astaria guides you through a Shamanic sound journey. You will experience layers of energy lifted from your being, as we clear out the old and make space for more of YOU to be present. 

Get to know your self more deeply, connect with the clarity of your truth, open your heart for MORE LOVE to flow through, and awaken your listening to the call of your soul singing.

*optional add ons:
Cacao medicine to further open the heart
Vocal activation and chanting to clear and open your energy centers to receive

Let’s create a beautyfull sound ceremony

Have a listen to a sample of the soothing sound that Astaria loves to share:

Listen to more of Astaria’s Sound Magic

Please reach out if you have any queries or want to arrange a beautyfull ceremony experience

Connect with Astaria

If you are too tired to speak, sit next to me, because I too am fluent in silence.

— R. Arnold

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Droplets of Inspiration

Astaria is the goddess of sacred sounds.

Julian G.

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