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Cacao Ceremony

Do you feel the heart song of Mama Cacao calling you?

Cacao is a beautyfull plant medicine that is here to open the hearts of humanity.
Our heart is a powerfull guide. It always knows the most aligned way for us to live our life in resonance with the highest vibration of love. The more often we return to love, the more we will live in peace, joy, and mutual honour of all our relations.

What is a cacao ceremony

We sit in circle, drinking pure cacao, the source of chocolate. We open in gratitude for the heart expanding properties that this medicine evokes, whilst meditating on our intentions for this ceremony.
A cacao ceremony offers the participant the experience of connecting with what really matters, evoking more love toward self, others, and our human experience. The ceremony provides an opportunity to tune inwards, whilst also connecting with others in more depth and intimacy.

The way Astaria leads cacao ceremony is with deep reverence and with the weaving in of sound and music medicine. Music is always what carries us through the ceremony of life, through the ups and downs that we inevitably encounter as humans. Her carefully curated sound journeys are sure to evoke a variety of sensations and emotional experiences, all with the intention to support our liberation… letting go of what no longer serves and calling in our hearts desires.

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your heart always knows the way

Benefits of Cacao

“Cacao is a natural food with a wide range of health benefits. Cacao can enhance cognitive function, boost mental health and reduce oxidative stress with antioxidants. It supports cardiovascular health, metabolic health, and mediates the natural inflammatory response. Cacao can also boost one’s energy levels, strengthen bone and skin health, and even reduce the risk of cancer. It also contains many essential minerals for overall health, such as magnesium, calcium, and iron. The broad array of bio-actives makes it a complete healthy superfood for long-term wellbeing and happiness.”

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About your Guidess

Astaria has been working with Cacao since 2008. Her journey began when she moved to a small surf village, known as Tofino, located in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia. She had no prior experience as a pastry chef, and was honoured to be given the role of chocolatier for a family run chocolate shop. The owners trained her and showed her how to make chocolate. She learned all about the origins of Cacao and how to process it into delightfull truffles, chocolates, and delicious treats.

She experienced her first cacao ceremony in 2014, which changed the trajectory of her life path. She began working with a lovely couple who had brought ceremonial cacao back from Guatemala, and was offering sound healing during their ceremonies.

In 2016 she answered the call to make the pilgrimage to Costa Rica, to study with a cacao expert, and then to Guatemala to connect even deeper with this sacred heart medicine.

It was here she connected with a community of women, who were growing cacao trees and processing the cacao from bean to ceremonial paste.

Astaria has been weaving cacao with her sound journey experiences since 2015, which always adds a special element of vibrational heart opening to her ceremonies.

View the mini-documentary below that Astaria created to reveal what a ‘real’ cacao ceremony experience involves

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Costa Rica Sound Healing Ceremony Voice Coaching Astaria Light of Sound

Droplets of Inspiration

I have been on many guided meditations and in my younger years, I took up the practice of meditation. I have used music both as a source of enjoyment and to relax. The sound therapy experience, however, took it to the next level. It incorporated all the techniques of a guided meditation and benefits of meditation with the unique approach of sound therapy.

As with all meditation, I found myself “letting go” of all of the busyness and concerns of the world and becoming focused on the here and now. The different sounds helped to bring me to that state of mindfulness. At one point I could feel my body “resonating” or “reverberating” with the instrument being played and I felt like my body was the instrument. At another point I felt the music taking me to a state of deep relaxation and healing. And at another point I entered a state of sleep. In the end I felt like I had just gone thru a night of deep and restful sleep. I felt rejuvenated and energized and at peace.

Phil T.

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