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Hear Her

The Voice of Gaia, our Mother Earth, speaks.

Can you Hear Her?


It’s time to wake up.

It’s time to come back home.

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Music Written by Astaria
Production: Astaria & Theo Grace
Mixing: Jordan Hansell
Mastering: Torin Goodnight

Song released through Möonbabe Records

Music Video created by Astaria, Rebecca Benfield & Thyme Parzival
Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Engineering, VFX by ANKR.LOVE (Rebecca Benfield & Thyme Parzival)

Filmed on Mayan land in Jaibalito, Guatemala near where Astaria lived for 3 years.
This music video was created as a gift back to this sacred land that gave so much to Astaria while she was there.

This piece of audio visual art is dedicated to the Voice of Mother Earth, She who nurtures, nourishes, and supports us in all the ways we need.


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The Earth has its music for those who will listen.

― Reginald Vincent Holmes

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About the Song

“Hear Her” is a prayer song, a call to remember, reconnect with the Earth as our home, listen deeply, honour ourselves and respect Her, and tend to the Garden that is Her creation. It is a reminder that we are all connected as one family, that we each came here to offer our soul’s gifts, and that all of our relations are weaving this song of life together. 

It sung through me in November 2020, during a retreat I was attending at the Sacred Yoga Garden in Jaibalito, Guatemala, which is nestled in the mountains overlooking the beautyfull Lago Atitlan.

Mother Earth had been visiting me in my dreams, speaking to me through simple messages, reminding me to let go of all my worries and fears, to surrender into Her loving embrace, and to come back home.
I chose to translate some of these messages into this song, so that Her words can be shared with more people.

I lived for 3 years on Lago Atitlan, a very special vortex, which is also known as the womb of the Earth and the place from which the rainbow gets its colours. I felt myself rebirth here. My rainbow spirit activated and I reclaimed the colours of my soul. More of my superpowers were embodied as I dove deep into myself and healed a lot of my ancestral trauma. I shared my healing medicine of sound, ceremony, and voice midwifery within a very special temple for people from all over the world and felt myself in so much joy being in service to others in this way.

I offered my moonblood to this sacred Mayan land in ritual each month and became more deeply connected to this part of the Earth in a way that I’d never experienced in this life before. Leaving this special place was one of the hardest moves I’ve ever made. A part of my heart will always be there.

This place gifted me SO much medicine. And for this I am eternally greatfull.
I devote this song to Her, Our Goddess Gaia, the magic of Lago Atitlan, and the beautyfull Mayan people who hold ancient codes and care for this special place.

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Listen Listen Listen
She’s speaking to you
Listen Listen 

Remember who you are
Remember where you’re from

Chorus 1

Can you hear Her
Whispering in the wind

Can you see Her
Waving from the waters

Can you hear Her
Singing your name 

Can you hear Her
Calling you home

Verse 1

Place your feet into my soil 
Know the freedom of your soul 

Tend the garden
Let’s breathe as one

Feel it all
Emotions cleanse

Know your self
As you listen in

Everything you need
Is right here

Open your eyes to see
We are one family 

Chorus 2

Can you feel Her 
Underneath your feet

Can you sense Her 
Echoing your heartbeat

Can you taste Her 
Sweetness upon your lips

Can you hear Her 
Singing you alive

Verse 2

Children of the Earth 
Remember who you are

The time is now 
You are needed here

To be  
All of who you are 


Oh Divine 


Oh Divine


She’s caroling at your heart
Wake up! x4 


It’s time
Come home to your self

We are ONE

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All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature.

― Rudolf Steiner

About the Video

Hear Her’s Music Video is an artistic expression of the Divine Feminine rising from the Earth, discovering Her innocence as she explores Her erotic sensual nature. Through Her metamorphosis, She carves Her path through the Dark Night of the Soul to fully embody her sexual power as the Priestess who can stand up for Mother Nature in all her innocent glory. 

The creation of this music video was one of the most profound experiences of my life!

At the very beginning of 2021, I met Thyme while he was filming at a retreat at which I had been invited to share how I had activated my light language. We connected immediately and felt a deep resonance.
I met Rebecca a few months later filming at a Women’s Empowerment retreat, where I was facilitating a Voice ReWilding playshop.
I knew I wanted to shoot a music video with them, but felt shy in reaching out to inquire. There was part of me that didn’t quite feel worthy or good enough to create this piece of art I was dreaming of… and yet Mama Earth was urging me to pursue this vision, regardless of my hesitations.

The day I showed up at their home studio in beautyfull Jaibalito, we sat with Mama Cacao medicina, while listening to “Hear Her” on repeat. We dropped in and shared our hearts, intentions, and visions for the story of this music video.
Waves of inspiration moved through me, my heart beating quickly. I felt a surge of nervous energy mixed with excitement. The fear of being seen in my vulnerability terrified me, let alone having a camera capturing me in my authentic expression…
Spirit guided me to get as raw and real as I could, to not hold back.
Being in front of the camera was incredibly confronting and yet so so healing for me.
Thyme and Rebecca held such loving, kind, encouraging, and supportive space for me to unfurl my petals. I felt safe with them.
I revealed parts of myself that no one has seen before. I allowed myself to move through my fears as they arose throughout the creation process, while Thyme and Rebecca witnessed me with so much love.

Through the experience we rose in love together, exploring depth and meaning in each moment. I didn’t know it was possible to have so much fun and heal so much through a creative project like this.
I am forever changed by this experience and feel more empowered than ever before.

The footage you see here only shows a very limited perspective on what we actually shared together. I hope to share more of what we filmed at some point, though censorship restricts where we can post this video.

What people are saying

Astaria’s voice echoes from the depths of Mother Earth and calls each one of us home to ourselves. 

She channels a message of ancient wisdom for us all to heed the call of a deepening connection to Gaia and to our own innate truth. A necessary remembering at this point in history. 

Astaria embodies the freedom that lives within each of us, as we are reminded through her song of what is possible.

Rachel Forsythe

Exquisite beauty…and Truth on so many levels! This video gives me the ‘felt sense’ of sensual, devotional deep connection to Mama Earth and to all beings…

Sam I Am

The vocals on this are lovely. The Depth of the soundscape is bliss


ABSOLUTELY STUNNING DIVINE NATURE EMANATION!! SOOOOOO vulnerable, so sweet, so juicy, so true!!!

Daniella M.

This video brought me to tears. Everything about it is incredible. The video and its message are a stunning and captivating work of art.

Rose E.

The message of this song is threatening to the Establishment. It is empowering for people. It is the honest truth and as such challenges the dominant narrative.

Phil O.

This music video is a gift.  It gives all of us a glimpse into what it means to break free and transcend to a different more spiritual, more wonderful place.

Margaret R.

Delightfully mystical!

Sean K.

The Story

The Rainbow Sage Abuela (grandmother) begins to tell the story of this film. She knows something, from many years of life experience, She has cultivated wisdom, medicine and respect for the Earth and all our Relations. She knows She IS the Earth and She’s here to proclaim a message.

The story evolves to show the birthing of Innocence, a being freshly inhabiting a Human Body, She emerges from Nature Herself and is filled with wondrous fascination with the profundity of being in this body, surrounded by the beauty of Creation. She is shameless in Her natural erotic nature and delights in the splendour of Her environment.

Innocence evolves and matures into the Priestess, the one who embodies Divine Feminine codes and stands in Her power as an Emissary for the Earth. She is the bridge between Innocence and the Sage.

This video is an artistic depiction of the natural evolutionary stages of metamorphosis, of the Shero’s Journey in coming home to Her self.

The Divine Feminine is rising and now is the time to listen and come back home to Her and She within our Heart.

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Media Coverage

A homogeneous blend of gentle sounds and beautiful melodies, Astaria knows how to alternate her soft singing with more powerful vocals, and it’s this combination that hooks the listener from the first verse. The tempo beats — an R&B influence — contribute to giving the track a structure, juxtaposed by Astaria’s unpredictable and much more freestyle singing.

The Luna Collective
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Hear Her, the music video, has been featured in Issue #4 of She Rose Magazine, in collaboration with Rebecca Benfield of ANKR.Love.

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Astaria sings in devotion for HER, our Mother of Nature and all our relations. 

Tuning into and feeling the deep song of our Earth, Astaria is a sound vessel for Harmony, connecting us with our Soul frequency, through the gateway of the Heart. Her voice translates light into sound to awaken remembrance, love, and connection with Gaia. 

She is an empowerment guide for those who are ready to ReMember their signature soul essence through her Self Mastery School that includes 1-1 mentorship and group initiation journeys. 

Weaving sound, and harnessing the dynamism of voice as our most powerfull instrument, she is a midwife of creativity and vocal freedom, supporting the activation of authentic self-expression. 

She founded the Light of Sound Temple in 2014 and has since been singing to the hearts of all those who are deeply listening to the call within.

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Droplets of Inspiration

Sound treatment from Astaria has propelled me deeper into my healing journey. Astaria creates a beautifully welcoming, nurturing space to allow my body to release the layers of pain it has been holding. I leave her sessions feeling a sense of release and serenity, knowing that my body has been fed the sounds it needs to heal.

Maureen E.

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