Hola Beautyfull Soul,

There’s a reason why you were guided here.

I invite you to step through the threshold of whatever limitations have been holding you back, and into the mystery of the unknown, the place where all your potential lives.

It is here that I welcome you home, to the discovery of your truth, the essence of who you are, and the remembering of your soul gifts.

I am here to support you on your journey of freeing your creative expression.

Imagine how it will feel for you to be embodied in your truth, sharing your love and Divine Gifts with yourself and others? This is the best feeling in the world!

We are in a time where activating our soul gifts and sharing our magic with the world is absolutely imperative for us to co-create the New Earth reality that we have been holding the vision for.

We are in a time known as the Regen-aissance… the time where creatives, healers, visionaries, and change-makers are recognizing that THIS is the time that we came here for … the time to step into our power and BE the CHANGE we have been praying for. It takes innovation and a creative heart to sultivate the changes that are needed to bring the New Earth into form. You are not alone on this journey. There are many others out there like you, who are awakening to their gifts, who are ready to step into their purpose and activate their mission.

Together we RISE.

We need your voice, your gifts, your presence.

You are an answered prayer, and you hold the keys to unlocking the life of your dreams.

The dreams that you carry were planted within your soul so that one day you would wake up and remember why you are here. These seeds have been germinating and are beginning to sprout. We must nurture and encourage these dreams to flourish.

That time is NOW.

Welcome to this exciting adventure of discovery, liberation, and aligning to your true soul purpose path.

I am here to assist you along part of your journey. We all need guidance at times along the path, after all, we are here to help walk each other home. I have been blessed to receive guidance from many mentors, healers, coaches, and Angels along my path and it delights me to pay this love forward to those who are ready.

Please reach out and connect, to set up a time with me so that we can tune into your unique journey and discover if working together is a good fit for you.

Astaria left me not only at peace and feeling great, but my mind had also opened up to my inner child. Her sound healing took me on a journey through my childhood and I was able to see where many limiting beliefs that currently plague my adult life had taken root.

— Eric Harper // read more kudos »

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