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Droplets of Inspiration

Wow! What an experience! I felt as though I was traveling through so many different lives, each showing me a very small portion of that life then transforming quickly into an animal then sound waves with colour. I also experienced many aboriginal sequences of a couple in love, a group of women getting the chiefs head piece ready made from feathers, drumming, and more. The journey was fast and everything was changing so quickly. I received confirmations on things I needed to know and felt a beautiful release out of my heart chakra. It was intense with my heart beating so fast, almost like anxiety, but I knew that it was my physical body aligning mentally and spiritually with Source for a healing release. I kept saying the words, “I surrender, I allow,” and I could feel the energy shooting out of my heart space, allowing this negative energy to leave my body. Fabulous!!

Amy Martyn, The Holistic Healing Hub, amymartyn.com

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