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Breath of the Butterfly

🦋 🦋 🦋

A Hashimoto’s Healing Circle & Live Transmission

Tuesday, July 26th

11:11am PST / 12:11pm CST 

with Astaria Illumi-Naia & Anna Ruth Hall

Open your Throat Chakra
🦋 Activate your Thyroid 🦋
Reclaim the Power of your Unique Expression

This is a safe space to be witnessed, held, and supported in your Thyroid Healing Journey

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Our thyroid is the gateway to our throat chakra, our expression center. When we heal our thyroid, we liberate our voice and our creative pleasure.

– Astaria

the flow of our ceremony

We will gather in sacred circle on Zoom
Drop in together through guided meditation
Be guided through a simple voice opening exercise
Witness and be witnessed in the sharing of our stories
Share codes for healing, empowerment and liberation
Close with a special offer

🦋 🦋 🦋

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About your guides

Anna Ruth Hall

Anna Ruth Hall is a Sacred Sexuality, Rewilding, & Embodiment guide deeply rooted in her connection to her body, her yoni, and the cycles and rhythms of life. She creates safe spaces to call both women and men deeper into the pulse of the womb space (physical & energetic), back to their erotic innocence, and into the full spectrum of their emotions. Anna also shares embodied art through poetry, music, and verbal transmissions.


ASTARIA is a Voice Midwife, Sound Alchemist, and Creativity Catalyst. She blends her medicine trainings as a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Guide, Vocal Activation Coach, and Soul Counselor to curate unique transformational experiences that empower all those who are ready to express their authentic truth whilst embodying their soul gifts.

After healing herself from a thyroid auto-immune dis-ease (aka a major throat chakra blockage), by utilizing her voice as her most powerful sound healing tool, she now guides others to discover their unique healing abilities through the technology of their voice.

Astaria is currently serving her global community through in-person events, workshops, and ceremonies, as well as through online 1-1 sessions and group journeys.

Droplets of Inspiration

I have had multiple sessions with Astaria, taken deep within, feeling myself wrapped in a blanket of sound. After each session I felt reborn.

It is difficult to give words to such an experience without metaphors, but it truly felt as if I was reawakened from another life. I arose feeling incredibly grounded and rested!  My nervous system was settled and vibrating softly.

I recommend the experience, not just for curiosity, but for deep healing as well!

Reko Vitae, Vitality by Design

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