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Individual Sound Therapy Sessions

Individualized 1:1 Sessions — In Person or Online

Be witnessed in the presence of acceptance, unconditional love and compassion, where you feel free to express what is truly authentic for you in the moment. 

Astaria walks alongside you, offering her full presence, gentle support, empowering you to lead the way on this sacred journey back to your self. 

She shares guidance to help you remember your truth and awaken the awareness of your divine light essence.  

Spiritual Guidance

Do you feel like you just need someone to talk with or witness you in your current process? Astaria can hold space for you and offer suggestions for what may be useful to integrate into your life for optimal wellness. She can assist you in coming up with a strategy for living that works with your individual needs. A sound therapy session may begin with a meditation, check in and reflective discussion. Sometimes messages come through from your highest self or from helping spirits.

Astaria also loves facilitating the exploration of your voice and the empowerment of your unique expression of truth, through supported vocal toning and chanting.

Sound Spa for your Soul

A private Soul Sound Spa session focuses on going deeper into personal healing with sound. You will receive focused intention to bring harmony to whatever is needed in your life at the moment. A session can simply be for deep relaxation or can focus on releasing and bringing balance to specific dis-harmonies within the mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects of your being.

Sessions include crystal bowls played on the body accompanied by a variety of other vibrational sound tools. Astaria is a soul singer, meaning that you may also receive a channeled song from your soul, a resonant melody that is completely unique to your session.

Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of various instruments and vibrational sound tools, as they facilitate deep peace and relaxation in your being, raising your vibration, balancing the energy in your body, and promoting a sense of harmonious well-being.

A sound bath feels like receiving a spa for your soul. Bathing in the frequencies of sound is like getting a massage for your mind, body, and spirit.

Sonic Tune-Up Session
90 minutes

Check in with Astaria to determine key areas of focus and intentions for your well-being. Bathe in sacred soothing sound, allowing your body to completely relax into a state of peace, while restoring harmony to all aspects of your self.
*Couples’ sessions are available


Soul Dive Session
2 hours

Discuss key areas of focus and receive guidance on next steps to take on your path, then immerse yourself in sound to release, clear, attune, and integrate. We dive deep in these sessions, allowing your soul to be the guide. We work with whatever is alive in your heart and present in your life, to release limiting programs or old energies that no longer serve, so that you may be free to live more in alignment with your soul purpose.


Life Level-Up Package
7 Soul Dive Sessions

Work with Astaria to develop a custom-designed transformational journey to both raise your vibration and harmonize your being for next-level living. Over 7 sessions we dive deep together, clearing and releasing old energies so that you can integrate and embody the signature soul frequency, creating a life that you love and feel inspired by.


Book your transformational session of intentioned focus, supported self-exploration, and compassionate love.

If you have any questions, email: Astaria@LightOfSound.ca

Droplets of Inspiration

I had the bounty and pleasure of receiving a sound healing session with Astaria. At first I was apprehensive, as I didn’t think sound vibrations could do much for healing. But by the end, my mind was changed. Astaria left me not only at peace and feeling great, but my mind had also opened up to my inner child. Her sound healing took me on a journey through my childhood and I was able to see where many limiting beliefs that currently plague my adult life had taken root. If you’re looking for a unique and alternative method of healing, then I highly recommend Astaria. She’s a rare and talented gem and her services provide great succor to the broken-hearted and a healing balm to the mentally downtrodden.”

Eric Harper

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