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Group Sound Therapy Sessions

Group Sound Spa & Sacred Sound Journey

Allow the variety of sounds played by Astaria to take you on a journey through your memory, heart, and imagination. This can be a deeply meditative experience as you drift along the sonic current into a relaxed state of being. Instruments may be played and woven around your body as you sit or lay in savasana.

Gather a group of friends and invite Astaria to your home or studio for a sound bath focused on whatever your collective is wanting to work through or experience together. Contact Astaria for details and to develop a custom offering.


Acu-Sonics is a term Astaria created to describe the unique and potent healing blend of acupuncture and sound medicine. Astaria pairs up with a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.), who offers a general treatment for re-balancing the nervous system, metabolism, and inducing a deep state of relaxation, while she facilitates a sound therapy session to enhance the effect of the acupuncture. This combination allows a deeper state of consciousness to be reached and space for self healing to take place. Group sessions take place in a community environment. See our event listings for further details.

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Sound Therapy & Yoga

Yoga combined with the healing vibrations of sound can powerfully bring one into present moment awareness, embodiment, and heightened states of consciousness. To enhance your yoga practice, Astaria weaves a sonic soundscape throughout the class and plays over and around your body as you move through the different asanas, deepening the experience of embodiment.

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Breathwork & Sound

Sound medicine combined with breath is a deeply powerful healing blend that is sure to leave you feeling transformed and renewed. Breathwork is a simple method of conscious breathing that allows the body to go into a healing space. Once your body feels safe in this breathing pattern, it is able to unwind and release what is being held and circulated in your central nervous system

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Women’s Workshops

Gather in the energy of the divine feminine to empower unique expression through voice, receive soul songs to unveil truth, and collectively support each others journey.
More info coming soon.

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