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Self Love Voice Activation

For the book launch of Regenerate Your Reality, written by dear sister, Jean Pullen, we got together and shared this self love voice activation.

When we love ourselves first, then we can fully show up in our lives to live regeneration in every way.

Tune into this Self Love Voice Activation with Astaria, founder, Light of Sound, Voice Midwife & Sound Alchemist, as guides us through vocal toning and charka affirmations to activate our self love.

We learn that self love is the start to all our regenerative dreams. How do you make love to life? How do you want to activate your self love even deeper?

“We fill ourselves up with love, gratitude, devotion, and fun so that our love overflows and ripples out to serve our communities and the earth.”
Medium Article we co-published

Regenerate Your Reality uses permaculture, agroforestry, and education to bring sovereignty and happiness to our communities. ⁣It is our mission to restore the relationship between humans and the earth and build a regenerative future. We’re so glad you’re sharing this mission with us!

And… exciting news… The Regenerate Your Reality Book is ready to order! Regenerate Your Reality will plant a seed of restoration in your path and remind you that we are all forces of nature.

A portion of proceeds will support the planting of three trees for each book purchased. Plant Trees & Train Farmers with Jungle Project.
If you or anyone you know would be interested in donating to Jungle Project’s social program all about Trees, Training, & Trade…

Droplets of Inspiration

Thank you so much for sharing your sacred journey and beautiful heart. I will never forget the healing sound session I experienced with you a few years ago… it allowed me to initiate my own sacred journey into wholeness and healing.  It takes great courage to sit with oneself in silence. Thank you for transforming yourself so that the whole world can be transformed.

Lisa Venafro

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