FREE YOUR VOICE: Embody Your Expression Guatemala Retreat is NOW open for enrollment.

Soul Song: Voice of the Heart Retreat

Hello Beautyfull One,

Join Wild Soul Awakening and Light of Sound on retreat in the jungle of Costa Rica. We invite you to be held in sacred space while you connect with your heart, hear from your guides, free your voice, empower yourself, and share your Soul Song.

Connect with your unique expression through vocal activation with Astaria and a soul embodiment portrait with Jenn. Open your intuitive channel with singing, healing sound, and cacao medicine. Embody freedom with us in yoga, ecstatic dance, and art therapy practices. Discover the deepest parts of yourself through your unique voice.

Your Heart’s Song is sung through your creative Soul

Connect with your Soul’s Purpose

Join us in guided meditations, sound ceremonies, mantra chanting, journaling exercises, art therapy, and other creative modalities to tune into the deepest part of our yearning – the voice within that’s calling us into greatness and our mission.

Clear the Obstacles

Through fire ceremonies, river plunging, toning, singing and other modes of expression, we will move through the barriers of transformation. We will enter deep into the healing process and transmute pain into power.

Embody your Soul Song

We’ll use group work, 1:1 coaching, and various practices to help you hear your voice and learn how to express it. Through ecstatic dance, cacao ceremony, and soul embodiment portraiture, you’ll connect with your soul song and find expression.

RETREAT PACKAGES BEGIN AT $1,350 for shared eco lodging

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Droplets of Inspiration

It’s Tuesday and I’m still in the afterglow of my magical time spent Saturday with my circle of sis-stars of the Cacao and Sound Ceremony. Astaria Light washed over each of us, with the most glorious healing, sound bath of chimes, drums, rattles and song. And, omg-racious, her voice~though angelic, my heart whispered, galactic! Soft, gentle, yet a vibration that was out of this world. I’ve not experienced anything like this before. What a Day!!! What an amazing group of ladies…I could weep as I review my time of fellowship that was simply precious. Feeling so blessed, thank you. 

Linda Brown Shields

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