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Soul Song: Voice of the Heart Retreat

This retreat has been postponed until further notice. Stay tuned…

Hello Beautyfull One,

Join Wild Soul Awakening and Light of Sound on retreat in the jungle of Costa Rica. We invite you to be held in sacred space while you connect with your heart, hear from your guides, free your voice, empower yourself, and share your Soul Song.

Connect with your unique expression through vocal activation with Astaria and a soul embodiment portrait with Jenn. Open your intuitive channel with singing, healing sound, and cacao medicine. Embody freedom with us in yoga, ecstatic dance, and art therapy practices. Discover the deepest parts of yourself through your unique voice.

Your Heart’s Song is sung through your creative Soul

Connect with your Soul’s Purpose

Join us in guided meditations, sound ceremonies, mantra chanting, journaling exercises, art therapy, and other creative modalities to tune into the deepest part of our yearning – the voice within that’s calling us into greatness and our mission.

Clear the Obstacles

Through fire ceremonies, river plunging, toning, singing and other modes of expression, we will move through the barriers of transformation. We will enter deep into the healing process and transmute pain into power.

Embody your Soul Song

We’ll use group work, 1:1 coaching, and various practices to help you hear your voice and learn how to express it. Through ecstatic dance, cacao ceremony, and soul embodiment portraiture, you’ll connect with your soul song and find expression.

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Droplets of Inspiration

Throughout my life, I’ve always had a relationship with song, to navigate my emotions and to communicate with my surroundings. Even with Such a deep and constant relationship to song and music in my life, I came out of the Song of the Heart retreat led by Astaria, with a new reverence for the eternal song, the single song, the UniVerse that we are all participating in.
Astaria has such a rich perspective on so many aspects of vibrational healing, of song and beauty. Working (more like playing) with Astaria showed me the way into experiences which made me feel as though the forest was singing to me, through me, as me, and for me.
I felt so held and supported during my time with Astaria, and came out feeling healed and rejuvenated on all levels of my self.
The voice is like an energetic fingerprint, and as we explored our unique sound, we also came to know ourselves more wholly.
If you are a singer, or aspiring to free your expression, and seeking to discover new dimensions of your voice while being treated to jungle bliss and delicious food, this is your chance.
If you are struggling to be heard, to own your place in the world and speak your truth, this retreat will bolster you and teach you how to speak loud and proud with grace and power.
If you want to know yourself and the world you are in, what your purpose is, and how to live in alignment to it, this space will bring you closer to the truth.

Kevin Lockwood

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