FREE YOUR VOICE: Embody Your Expression Guatemala Retreat is NOW open for enrollment.


Wanting to connect with your authentic expression and free your voice in a potent and accelerated transformational container with other like-hearted people? Check out one of our following retreats to feel what resonates for you.

Free Your Voice and Embody Your Expression is a vocal activation retreat that will empower you to liberate your authentic self-expression.

Held at the beautyfull Villa Sumaya, on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, you will be supported in an environment that will nourish your soul and rejuvenate your energy, whilst inspiring your true expression to be unveiled.

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Inner Harmony: Awakening through Sound

Deepening into the silence within, we learn to listen to our inner voice. Discovering the clarity of our heart’s truth, weโ€™ll feel rejuvenated and inspired to live in alignment with our heartโ€™s path.

Join us on a journey into light through sound as we explore the ways that this vibrational healing modality relaxes our nervous system, calms our mind, and invites us into deeper harmony with ourselves and the Earth.

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Soul Song: Voice of the Heart

Join us in Costa Rica, in the majesty of Mother Nature to Free your Soul Songs.

Connect with your unique expression through vocal activation with Astaria. Open your intuitive channel with singing, healing sound, and cacao medicine. Embody freedom with us in yoga, ecstatic dance, and art therapy practices. Discover the deepest parts of yourself through your unique voice.

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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

โ€• Chuang Tzu

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Droplets of Inspiration

Nestled in blackberry and rose thickets, within a traditional style tipi, received from a First Nations tribe in the prairies, whose inside came alive with a warm fire and tender hearts, Astaria Light opened a sacred cacao ceremony, and the journey of a Sound of the Heart ignited.

The enchanting cacao bubbled to life as it was honoured in each personโ€™s favourite mug and began to work magic with its aroma, alluring tenderness and soothing richness in spirit. Intentions of release and renewal echoed within the chambers of the tipi as sharing and honouring of each otherโ€™s journey was embraced.

Astariaโ€™s timeless and galactic voice tickled the cacao to life within the veins, combining the sound of the elements, the rainbow of vibration-shifting instruments, with ethereal feminine beauty of voice, guiding the voyage to the internal planes within, into the deepest chambers of the heart.

The sound of the heart gently and powerfully encouraged the shutters to swing open, bringing in fresh vibrating breath, a joyous sigh of relief in reconnection, while letting out the stale and stagnant frequencies. Brought back down to earth by the surrounding chorus of birds and soft summer breezes, the glow of cacao remained in all.

What a heart-filled joy to experience the love of Astaria Light, her relationship to the sacred plant medicine of cacao, and most importantly the gift of the internal journey to the heart that was offered around a warm fire with tender hearts.


Stephanie Woods

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