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Light Language Activation

Light Language is a powerful sound healing technology for harmonizing energy in our body, mind, and spirit.

It can be used to clear your energy and cultivate presence.

Light Language is a non-linear multidimensional form of communication. Light is a carrier of information and Light Language holds the keycodes or information of healing, empowerment, and awakening. It can be channeled from many different energies, Galactic realms, Elemental ancient or future Earth languages, beings of light, etc. It bypasses the mental constructs and speaks to the heart, which is our center of connection. We FEEL light language, more than understand it mentally.

Translations are not always linear. What do you SENSE when receiving? We experience light language by attuning to the subtle realms of sensation. You can learn your natural intuitive language by consciously connecting with the subtle realms of feeling.

Light Language frequencies are direct transmissions of light codes that are shared with the intention of bringing through specific vibrations for serving the highest good of all who are receiving.

.It works similarly to Reiki… It’s an intelligent energy that moves through vibration and often sounds like language, but instead of words, the frequencies are expressed through vibrational symbols and sacred geometry.

Light language is a gift not just for yourself. It can be channeled directly for nature, loved ones, or clients you are in service to, as a way to connect with their highest self and share the codes that are relevant to their empowerment at the moment.

Light Language can be sung, spoken, moved, written, or expressed through a variety of artistic mediums.

To explore the scope of your personal light language, be sure to connect with Astaria.

Light Language may benefit your life by:

Clearing energy 
Balancing chakras
Activating dormant systems
Aligning with vibrations of well-being
Expanding perception and deepening awareness
Activating innate spiritual or psychic gifts
Grounding confidence, truth, clarity of purpose
Harmonizing polarities within and beyond ourselves

If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla

Light Language Activation Package

5 Session Activation Package to unlock your unique soul light language

*available in person or virtually

Are you ready to free your original language and speak codes of light? This activation package is for you.

The Language of Light is also called the Language of Creation/Source/God/Love/Soul/Grace.

Session 1 INTRO
You will connect with your intentions and learn how to drop into a flow state. Set aside your ego and open your channel so that you can allow the codes of light to express through you.

Session 2 WRITE
You will develop a writing practice to allow a stream of consciousness to land on the page.

Session 3 MOVE
We will explore, practice, and play, integrating and embodying your light language as you discover the joy of free-flow moving expression.

Session 4 SOUND
You will activate your rainbow body and lay out your vocal colour pallette so that you have easy access to a variety of sounds that you can create with.

Session 5 HEAL
Discover the power of being able to send healing energy through your Light Language expression

I want to express the language of light

Listen to a short sample of light language:

Included in this package are recorded sessions, guided audio activation, and a vocal colour pallette chart to support your activation

I want to activate my Light Language

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Droplets of Inspiration

Being in a session with Astaria transcends this world. Using her gift as a channel through music and instruments, she opens the door for reconnection and true healing. I recommend a session to anyone looking to feel better, more connected to their true self, or just interested in what sound and energy healing can do. Amazing.

Dr. Ariel Jones, ND,

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