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Reko Vitae, Vitality by Design

I have had multiple sessions with Astaria, taken deep within, feeling myself wrapped in a blanket of sound. After each session I felt reborn.

It is difficult to give words to such an experience without metaphors, but it truly felt as if I was reawakened from another life. I arose feeling incredibly grounded and rested!  My nervous system was settled and vibrating softly.

I recommend the experience, not just for curiosity, but for deep healing as well!

Droplets of Inspiration

Astaria Light is able to send healing waves throughout your being with her gift of sound. She is highly skilled, astute and attuned to the individual’s needs. As the sound waves aligned  cellular energy in my body, I attained a greater sense of peace and grounding than I could have achieved by myself. My thoughts and knowing lined up and a deep clarity presented itself to me on subjects I had been needing answers to. I was so grateful to Astaria and in awe at the power of sound.

Rachael Bruton Haisell

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