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Nature’s Chef, Tom Kral

Sounds from Astaria Light are truly something worth making the time for. Sound healing is quite new to my life, and when I had my first taste of a sound journey I was hooked. I felt a great sense of relaxation at its purest… deep meditation, vivid visuals, soothing the body muscles. Think of a sound healing session as a tune-up for your body, something we need more of these days.

Droplets of Inspiration

Astaria is one of the most gifted and talented healers I have ever met. Her sound baths are transformative and incredibly healing and powerful. Astaria has to say very little in these sessions, the instruments and sounds do all of the work and create a meditative and spiritual experience. Astaria creates a sacred and safe space with the use of crystals and fairy lights. I felt relaxed and held like I was in a healing dome of light. I had many profound visions and messages that came to me during the session. I could feel the healing vibration of the music through my entire body and it relaxed my parasympathetic nervous system. I felt incredible after and had many vivid dreams that night. Astaria is an angel and channels an ancient healing practice through her sessions. She is amazing.

Leigh Kankewitt

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