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Dylan F.

Never before in my life had I taken in a cacao ceremony or a sound healing journey. Our evening had been full of magic, love, healing and high vibrations. I found myself laying on my back with the cacao opening my heart. A deep and warm sense of joy was filling me, a sense of peace fell upon my third eye. At this point Astaria began to sing. The faint and delicate staccato filled me with euphoria, tears of joy filled my eyes. My eyes mostly remained closed but when I did sneak a peek at Astaria I witnessed a Goddess that was receiving as much joy from this gesture as I was. A variety of instruments and singing bowls followed, I can’t say how long these moments were as I was moved to what felt like another plane. The high vibrations of Astaria’s music worked its way between my joints, organs and cells. Even now, 6 months after, I can recall these details vividly. I recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to attend to do so and I look forward to doing so again too. Thank you Astaria.

Droplets of Inspiration

The BEST sound healing experience in the Universe!

Juan Carlos

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