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Deus Fortune

Astaria Light is one of those rare humans who’s able to actually channel the energy of the Divine into this three-dimensional realm.
The way that she weaves sounds to form this vortex of magic, is something that I have rarely seen and it instantly transports everyone who listens to it to a realm of beauty, connection, love, insight and deep understanding.

I highly recommend experiencing the incredible beauty of Astaria Light’s sound for yourself.

Droplets of Inspiration

Sound as medicine is an intimate experience with one’s own body. The senses really come alive! The healing vibrations wash through the body and radiate out from key centres. It tingles and it delights when surrendered into. But it also stirs up some stagnant areas gone unchecked. It isn’t just about relaxation, it is a journey. Trust is a must.

Astaria holds tremendous space and truly honours the set intentions. Using intuitive and carefully conducted phases that grow into amazing waves, she has a presence that can’t be described in any other way than “Medicine Woman.” She is the Sound Puma.

Reiss Williams

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