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Denise Smith

Last night Astaria Light, sound healer, bathed me in the bliss of loving sound – two hours of no judgment, no conditions – only shedding what no longer is needed and energy that does not belong to me – and lovingly bringing back from my past all fractured energy that I unknowingly gave away.

– nothing but loving healing sound – her crystal clear voice, and sound from the piano, drums, crystal bowls – and more

Astaria is magical, nurturing, compassionate, beautiful, knowing, connected and a part of our journey to healing, wherever we need healing.

Droplets of Inspiration

Magic continues building and surrounding me. Even though waves are crashing all over, I am feeling grateful that I have a boat. Thank you so much for last night and for all of the sound journeys you facilitate. Last night was yet another magical experience to not only release what isn’t serving me, but to reveal another layer of my higher self. Breath and sound together is so powerful. I applaud you for being strong and continuously choosing your heart’s path with courage and boldness – you are light and love and when you are in the fullness of yourself, it inspires others to do the same. Thank you sister. I felt a deep connection between us when our voices harmonized into a rainbow bubble of delight. Thank you for allowing me to express myself in your space. True power comes from combining and integrating and I really felt your support.

Daniella Bumbacco

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