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Dana Machacek, Intuitive Mentor, zonapellucida.net

I spent last night wrapped in the transformative sonic embrace of @astaria.light. It was my first time experiencing a live sound healing session, and the undulating bath of frequencies and vibrations that Astaria immersed us in was pure MAGIC. Astaria is a gifted sound healer and is amazingly skilled at taking her clients on a deeply meditative journey using all sorts of instruments and her beautiful voice.

I felt safe being guided into my body and soul under Astaria’s watchful eyes, and I felt so quenched and alive after the session was complete! I highly recommend the experience and will surely return for more sound healing again (and again!)

Droplets of Inspiration

Astaria is a unique spirit that is very grounded and calming. I enjoy her humour and adept usage of Sound. Wavelengths are her healing tool.

Barb Lambert, RMT, A Balanced Body

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