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Barb Lambert, RMT, A Balanced Body

Astaria is a unique spirit that is very grounded and calming. I enjoy her humour and adept usage of Sound. Wavelengths are her healing tool.

Droplets of Inspiration

I had the bounty and pleasure of receiving a sound healing session with Astaria. At first I was apprehensive, as I didn’t think sound vibrations could do much for healing. But by the end, my mind was changed. Astaria left me not only at peace and feeling great, but my mind had also opened up to my inner child. Her sound healing took me on a journey through my childhood and I was able to see where many limiting beliefs that currently plague my adult life had taken root. If you’re looking for a unique and alternative method of healing, then I highly recommend Astaria. She’s a rare and talented gem and her services provide great succor to the broken-hearted and a healing balm to the mentally downtrodden.”

Eric Harper

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