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Avril Mhunduru

My intention with working with Astaria was to free myself from mental blockages that were hindering the full expression of my voice. I lacked self-confidence and felt a blockage in general with my self-expression.

My experience with Astaria felt liberating and empowering. I felt supported by the way she clearly reflected back what I saying and where I was at. I felt heard. I also felt supported by the space that she created in all of our sessions, a space where all of me was welcome without judgement or reservation.

I really enjoyed activating my light language with Astaria and notice that it helps me get into a flow state of creativity. It clears out the chatter in my mind when I want to ground myself. Light Language has become an alternative to meditation for me.

Through my journey with Astaria, what was illuminated for me was that I rarely expressed my truth. I wasn’t being honest with myself, I wasn’t checking in within myself, and I generally wasn’t listening to my heart or making decisions from that space. I have since been operating more from my heart space and when I don’t I notice it quicker. I feel more confident in speaking my truth, sharing my vulnerability, and showing up more authentically.

Droplets of Inspiration

It was such a pleasure working with Astaria! She brings the pure light of an open heart to her music that spreads throughout the space so you can almost touch it. Her magnetism raises the vibe of everyone present and helps us all to feel into the beauty of sound. Thanks Astaria! I wish you the best of everything and hope you continue on your path of healing.  Injoy!

Kaypacha, The New Paradigm Astrology, newparadigmastrology.com

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