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Flora + Fauna

Welcome to the music page of Flora+Fauna

We are here to share medicine music in honour of our Earth, to uplift the spirit and open our hearts.

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the MAGIC we share

Cacao Ceremony

We hold a beautyfull ceremony with locally sourced cacao medicine from the Boruca tribe in Costa Rica, that may include intimate space for heart sharing, singing, and music medicine.
*This Cacao Medicine offering can be combined as a complimentary addition to the medicine of each or of any of the following offerings.

Medicine Music Concert & Song Circle

We share a variety of traditional and modern medicine songs, combined with a few of our original compositions. We enjoy sharing songs that others can sing along with, as well as more complex songs that can simply be enjoyed through listening. Our medicine music concert is a wonderfull accompaniment to your sacred ceremonial space, special event, or intimate gathering.
We have song books available so that participants can join us in this singing journey.

5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance

We combine a well curated DJ set with a variety of danceable musical genres from around the world, journeying through 5 Rhythms, whilst also playing live instruments and weaving vocal harmonies with conscious lyrics throughout. This is a unique experience that will get your body moving, evoking physical expression, and activating your creative spirit.
Listen to some of our DJ sets here

Sound Healing

This is a powerfull healing experience where participants will be invited to completely surrender, relax, and receive the healing frequencies of a variety of instruments, including: crystal bowls, chimes, medicine drums, flutes, multi-dimensional channelled vocals (including light language), didgeridoo, guitar, etc.
Listen to a sample of our sound healing here

Voice Activation

Participants will be guided to harness their body as an instrument and their voice as their most powerfull sound healing tool. This is an amazing technology to assist those who have felt blocked in their expression, who hold fear around being heard, and who desire to open the freedom found within their voice. A Voice Activation is also a great way to open space before a song circle, so that everyone has an opportunity to warm up their voice and open their channel to allow sound to come through.

Song Channeling & Light Language Activation

Guidance is shared to empower participants to tune into their ability to create and share song, to connect with their own unique expression of light language, and to reconnect with their innocence, imagination, and creative capacity.

Mentorship for aspiring DJs, Sound Healers, and musical Lightworkers

We offer 1:1 mentoring and group workshops to teach and empower blossoming sonic artists to share their gifts and cultivate the knowledge and skillset to do so. We share the principals of sound, how music is healing, and what it takes to translate your vision into a form that can be shared.

Interested in having us come and share any of the above offerings with your retreat group, community, family, etc. …

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who we are

FLORA+FAUNA was formed through a mutual passion for music and a deep adoration of our Mother Earth. TRiBU and Astaria are both medicine musicians, multi-instrumentalists, and producers who love to bring community together to liberate energy and be inspired through the power of connection, movement, and sound. They create music that acknowledges our human experience and that directs our attention to the beauty of this Earth home with the intention to honour Her.

A multi-talented musical duo combining flavours of medicine music, tribal rhythms, and sound healing frequencies, FLORA+FAUNA share love through musical musings, prayerformance, community gatherings, and song.

Experience the raw creative energy that emanates from this unique pair and be inspired to ignite your inner medicine.

We are currently based in Costa Rica, accepting invitations to play globally.

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TiTo TRiBU is a 5-rhythms ecstatic dance DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and Costa Rican indigenous of the Hüetar tribe.

He is also a sound engineer and producer, and is the founder of Kapi Kapi Events.

As a music lover, TriBu enjoys guiding dancers on a journey through movement meditation, sharing electronic music with influences from all over the world that blends with organic LIVE sounds. He plays the flute, guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, and mixes all of this with various divine frequencies to activate your grandest self expression on the dance floor.

Astaria is a vocalist, sound healer, and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in the rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Tuning into and feeling the deep song of our Earth, Astaria is a sound vessel for Harmony, connecting us with our Soul frequency, through the gateway of the Heart. Her voice translates light into sound to awaken remembrance, love, and connection with Gaia.  

Weaving sound, and harnessing the dynamism of voice as our most powerfull instrument, Astaria is a midwife of creativity and vocal freedom, empowering the activation of authentic self-expression. 

She founded the Light of Sound Temple in 2014 and has since been singing to the hearts of all those who are deeply listening to the call within.


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Enjoy our latest song releases

Part of our mission as medicine musicians is to find ways to give back to our Mother Earth, as She so generously provides everything we need to thrive on this planet. We stand for reciprocity with all our relations, knowing that what we give, we receive, and vice versa. 

One of the ways we would like to contribute in giving back to the Earth is to plant edible fruit trees. If you feel inspired to support us supporting the Earth, please consider purchasing this song for $10 or more. Or you can make a donation to our music project

Trees cost anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on the type. 

Our desire is to plant edible fruit trees in various places, so that our daughter and future generations will be able to enjoy the sweetness that our Mother Earth provides. 

When we come into reciprocal relationship with our Earth, we restore the balance and harmony that has long been neglected. 

May we honour what She gives, by giving back. 

For every song purchased over $10, we will plant a tree.

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Espiritu is a song inspired by the breath of life, that which breathes us.
It is also inspired by the colibri, the hummingbird.
While TriBu was sitting at his computer producing this track, a hummingbird somehow made her way inside and perched herself right atop his head. It was quite a miraculous moment. When colibri comes to visit, it’s always a gift.

purchase ESPIRITU on BandCamp

Purchase Espiritu on BandCamp and know that part of your contribution (if you give more than $10) will go toward planting fruit trees for future generations to enjoy. This is part of our initiative to care for our Mother Earth, to give back to Her for all the ways that She is always giving to us.


I’m listening
I hear you
I feel you
Spirit breathe me
Spirit breathe me
Spirit breathe me
Move me into freedom
Move me into freedom
Espíritu respírame
I surrender
To the breath of spirit
I surrender
I receive
I release
I let it all go
To the breath of spirit

I surrender
I receive
I release
I let it all go
To the breath of spirit
Espíritu respírame
Spirit breathe me 
Espíritu respírame
Tocame como una flauta
Muéveme a la libertad
Espíritu respírame
Spirit breathe me
Spirit breathe me
Spirit breathe me
Move me
Move me into freedom

Espíritu respírame
Espíritu respírame
Espíritu respírame
Espíritu respírame
Spirit breathe me
Spirit breathe me
Spirit breathe me
I surrender
I surrender
I release
And I receive
I let die
And I let live
I surrender to the breath of Espiritu

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Rio is inspired by a special land that we were living on for a few months. There were two rivers, one warm, one cool. One ran on the left side of the house, the other on the right side… and they converged to become one river.

The river teaches us to flow, to surrender, to follow a path of ease and grace.

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Droplets of Inspiration

I feel so much lighter after our session. The pain in my shoulder from an old injury has dissipated. Thank you for reminding me that I have everything I need within.

Met S. | Costa Rica | Sound Healer

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