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Flora + Fauna

Welcome to the music page of Flora and Fauna

We are here to share devotional music in honour of our Earth, to uplift the spirit and open our hearts.

the MAGIC we share

Cacao Ceremony

Medicine Music Concert

5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance

Sound Healing

Voice Activation

Mentorship for aspiring DJs, Sound Healers, and musical Lightworkers

Have a listen to one of our ecstatic dance sets

who we are

A multi-talented musical duo combining flavors of medicine music, tribal rhythms, and sound healing frequencies, Flora + Fauna share their love for Mother Earth through musical musings, prayerformance, and song. Be inspired by the raw creative energy that emanates from this unique pair.

We are currently based in Costa Rica, accepting invitations to play globally.

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TiTo TRiBU is a 5-rhythms ecstatic dance DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and Costa Rican indigenous of the HΓΌetar tribe.

He is also a sound engineer and producer, and is the founder of Kapi Kapi Events.

As a music lover, TriBu enjoys guiding dancers on a journey through movement meditation, sharing electronic music with influences from all over the world that blends with organic LIVE sounds. He plays the flute, guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, and mixes all of this with various divine frequencies to activate your grandest self expression on the dance floor.

Astaria is a vocalist, sound healer, and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in the rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Tuning into and feeling the deep song of our Earth, Astaria is a sound vessel for Harmony, connecting us with our Soul frequency, through the gateway of the Heart. Her voice translates light into sound to awaken remembrance, love, and connection with Gaia.  

Weaving sound, and harnessing the dynamism of voice as our most powerfull instrument, Astaria is a midwife of creativity and vocal freedom, empowering the activation of authentic self-expression. 

She founded the Light of Sound Temple in 2014 and has since been singing to the hearts of all those who are deeply listening to the call within.

Droplets of Inspiration

Astaria takes you on a magical journey!

Stacey Cahoon Murray

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