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Song of the Heart Retreat

Join Astaria, Light of Sound, in the heart of the jungle in Costa Rica for a 5-day transformational vocal expression retreat to empower your voice in freedom as a healing instrument for love.

You don’t need to be a singer to use your voice as a healing tool. Each and every person’s unique voice is needed on this planet at this time, to help raise our vibration into Harmony with the Earth.

“Harmony is the source of manifestation, the cause of its existence, and the medium between God and man.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Not only will you immerse yourself in the world of your voice, you will also rejuvenate your being within the natural jungle environment that Casa Antorcha is situated. You will be served delicious healthy vegan meals to support your body and energy during the retreat and have space to dive deep within yourself to connect to your true essence.

It is through our voice that we exercise the power of our truth.

This will be a 5 day immersion into our voice, exploring, playing, and singing our heart songs.
During our sacred time together, we will be diving into some of the following gifts:


About Your Guides

Light of Sound

Astaria always dreamt of singing and in her dreams, it felt so good to open her mouth wide and feel the power of her voice flow through. In reality, she figured this would never happen, due to lack of confidence and extreme fear of sharing her voice. One day she woke up and said to herself, “Maybe I CAN sing!” So she started singing in the shower that morning, her voice so quiet and weak, barely making a sound. She stuck with it, even though her voice didn’t really sound the way it did in her dreams.

Over time, and after spending many days in the forest alone, a place where she knew no one would hear her but the trees, she sang her heart out. Her voice became stronger and stronger, and a unique sound that she didn’t know would come through, started to take on a life of its own. Each time she went out into nature, a new sound or tone would arrive through the practice of allowing her voice to have its freedom. Melodies started taking form as the trees and nature elementals would share their songs with her.

Astaria continues to dive into the infinite realm of sound, using her voice, along with many other instruments, to share in healing sessions with clients and community gatherings. She knows that all beings have a unique voice and she wants to help empower this voice into freedom by sharing the techniques that she has learned along her throat chakra healing journey.
“May all beings be in Love and Freedom.”

Light of Sound is a harmonic regenerative project, which exists to harmonize life’s vibration into Loving resonance with Mother Earth. Sound Wholing is a natural healing modality that uses various instruments, voice and vibrational tools to help restore one’s natural vibration into wellness.
For more information, see www.lightofsound.ca or www.facebook.com/Astaria

Wies Merkx

Wies loves to hold space for healing and reconnecting to nature and source. She is a passionate soul dedicated to nurturing the sacred space of Casa Antorcha through her visual arts, singing, ceremony and cooking. She hosts artist retreats for adults and young adults, where healing-through-expression is a pillar that she holds strong. She has been walking her spiritual path since 2012 and that year also completed a yoga teacher training. Wies is honored and excited to share morning yoga, forest walks, her cooking and her care with you during this retreat.

Retreat Location

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very special natural place that holds a strong, loving vibration. The sound of the jungle is very powerful! We will attune to the frequency of Mother Earth, opening the ear of our heart to Her Songs, while allowing our voice to be empowered as an instrument for healing.

Accommodations at Casa Antorcha

Casa Antorcha (Spanish for Light Torch House) is nestled in the heart of the jungle, a peaceful place where the sounds of nature create a wild symphony for the senses. This space is held with the deep intention of reconnecting to our nature. We host retreats and gatherings to open up our hearts to well-being and love in ourselves and in community. The house is made mostly of local and natural materials and the water used is all collected from the tropical rains. It is a pleasure for us to receive you here.

This retreat is limited to 10 participants and there will be an intimate and sacred container set for those who feel the call to embark on this special journey.


$660 USD for a private room
$600 USD for a shared double room

*Registration fee can be sent via PayPal to: Astaria@lightofsound.ca or by clicking here

To register, email: astaria@lightofsound.ca

*Registration fee can be sent via PayPal to: Astaria@lightofsound.ca or by clicking here

Droplets of Inspiration

My intention with working with Astaria was to free myself from mental blockages that were hindering the full expression of my voice. I lacked self-confidence and felt a blockage in general with my self-expression.

My experience with Astaria felt liberating and empowering. I felt supported by the way she clearly reflected back what I saying and where I was at. I felt heard. I also felt supported by the space that she created in all of our sessions, a space where all of me was welcome without judgement or reservation.

I really enjoyed activating my light language with Astaria and notice that it helps me get into a flow state of creativity. It clears out the chatter in my mind when I want to ground myself. Light Language has become an alternative to meditation for me.

Through my journey with Astaria, what was illuminated for me was that I rarely expressed my truth. I wasn’t being honest with myself, I wasn’t checking in within myself, and I generally wasn’t listening to my heart or making decisions from that space. I have since been operating more from my heart space and when I don’t I notice it quicker. I feel more confident in speaking my truth, sharing my vulnerability, and showing up more authentically.

Avril Mhunduru

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