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SEED, GROW, EXPAND: A Tropical Regeneration Retreat

SEED, GROW, EXPAND is a tropical regeneration retreat that joins participants on a journey through the 7 chakras in conjunction with the 7 petals of the permaculture flower, reconnecting us with our seed.

The intention of this retreat is to connect people back to the Earth, cultivating balance through permaculture and other holistic tools. Our flow will include the seven chakras in relation to the permaculture flower of seven petals. 

Participants will receive practical tools that they can integrate into their daily lives to continue the practice of regenerating our planet, mind, body, and spirit. Some of the educational activities will include permaculture, sound healing, yoga, meditation, fermentation, plant medicine, ceremony, art, and nature connection.


Mystical Yoga Farm, Guatemala


Day 1
Arrive at farm
Opening circle
Introduction to Mystical Yoga Farm

Day 2
Chakra: Root / Permaculture Petal: Land & Nature Stewardship
Chakra: Sacral / Permaculture Petal: Building
Sunrise Meditation & Yoga
Farm Tour
Permaculture Practice, Planting Seeds, & Introduction to Biodynamics
Chakra Workshop
Sprouting and other Raw food with Fruit feast
Earth Sound Journey

Day 3
Chakra: Solar Plexus / Permaculture Petal: Tools and Technology
Chakra: Heart / Permaculture Petal: Education and Culture
CACAO day!
Heart Opening Ecstatic Dance
Permaculture Practice: Learning to integrate cacao in a food forest, Culture & Education
Cacao Making & Chocolates
Tea Time
Cacao Ceremony
Om Dome Sound of the Heart Healing

Day 4
Chakra: Throat / Permaculture Petal: Health and Spirituality
Voice Activation Meditation & Kirtan
Permaculture Practice: Medicine Plant Walk
Medicine Making, Tinctures & More
Sacred Fermentation Workshop & Practical (Harvest from garden)
Temazcal Ceremony

Day 5
Chakra: Third Eye / Permaculture Petal: Finance and Economics
Chakra: Crown / Permaculture Petal: Land Tenure and Community Governance
Sunrise Sun Gazing to activate the Pineal Gland
Permaculture: Economics – Global Situation & Local Situation (microcosm/macrocosm)
Tea Time – Permaculture: Networking & the Global Community
Passion Test
Permaculture: Designing a Dream
Fire Ceremony

Day 6
Departure Day
Yoga & Guided Reactivation of Chakra Flow
Closing Circle

$1,111 dorm style
$1,211 single person cabina



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