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The Nature of Wild Food & Sacred Sound

Since the beginning of time, our human evolution has developed from pure sound vibration and wild foods. Join us for a magical experience of dinner and sacred sounds within a tipi on sacred land as we journey through the senses.

Nature’s Chef, Tom Kral, will create a wild-crafted meal prepared by the element of fire. The food journey will be plant-based and consciously created. After dinner, to soothe our digestion, sound healing practitioner, Astaria, Light of Sound, will lead us through a magical Harmonic Sound Journey.

Music and sound have the unique ability to cultivate a sense of love, peacefulness, and clarity throughout every cell in the body, whilst bringing one into alignment with truth, higher consciousness, and connection with the Divine. Sound Vibration allows the body to entrain to a higher frequency, creating space for self-healing, heightened awareness, and remembrance of one’s truest form.

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Astaria! Thank you for creating a beautiful garden of sound! I felt like I was in a cradle of compassion. Your enchanting music relaxed my being allowing me to let myself fall into the pool of sweet yummy chocolate pudding that is my-Self!!! My sense of self expanded to encompass more of my Divine Loving Self. So Blissful!!! Soul-nourishing. (Big sigh) You truly are LIGHT!

Soul Chocolate is good! Can I have some more?

Nathan M. GagnΓ©, Reiki Yogi, ND

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Droplets of Inspiration

I feel refreshed and all stress is gone after last night’s sacred sound journey. What a great way to end off the week!

Jordan Coe

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