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Astaria Light of Sound EPK

Welcome to the EPK of Astaria, Light of Sound

Feel free to peruse the website to get to know Astaria and the medicine she shares.

Astaria’s Musical Journey

Astaria’s musical journey reads like a tapestry, woven with the threads of her life’s varied chapters. A classically trained pianist from the tender age of 4, she soon found that the soulful resonance of keys played intuitively was her true calling. At 12, she veered from her devotion to learning the intricacies of music to pursue a passion for clothing design, crafting vibrant creations that adorned her during nights of endless dance at raves—a world where music and her bespoke designs became her companions through unique artistic expression.

Music had been Astaria’s steadfast ally during darker times, a legacy passed down from her mother, a songwriter who left a musical imprint with three published albums before her 2007 passing. Celtic roots further enriched her lineage, as her grandfather effortlessly embraced any instrument, infusing the family history with an enduring love for music.

Returning to the piano at age 31, Astaria found herself once again effortlessly channeling melodies. In 2019, she compiled a collection spanning childhood compositions to newfound creations, showcasing her intuitive connection with this magnificent instrument. The album, named Aurora was birthed into the world, telling a musical story of our collective human awakening journey. The true testament to the healing power of music unfolded for Astaria in 2014, when facing a dire thyroid auto-immune dis-ease diagnosis. Defying the doctor’s prognosis of a lifetime on medication, Astaria unearthed the vibrational healing within her own voice—a tool that opened, released, and strengthened, leading her to triumph over adversity. 

In the wake of her personal healing, Light of Sound emerged as Astaria’s heartchild, a beacon of empowerment inspired by her transformative journey. Her quest for deeper resonance with the power of voice led her to a 21-day singing retreat in Mexico, where a cathartic release guided her heart to the enchanting landscapes of Costa Rica and Guatemala. In 2022, Astaria co-produced “Hear Her” with Theo Grace, a heartfelt ode to Mother Earth, recognizing the myriad ways in which the planet communicates with us.

Astaria’s artistry extends beyond the piano keys, crafting harmonious soundscapes with her multidimensional voice, entwined with an array of instruments such as crystal bowls, chimes, flutes, medicine drums, and shruti. Her music, a testament to personal and planetary healing, invites listeners into transformative journeys, echoing the vibrant and resilient spirit of a musician whose life is an evolving symphony.

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Video Footage

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the vibe of Light of Sound…

Shamanic sound healing
Experimental ambient
Otherworldly multidimensional vocals
Soul stirring
Deeply touching
Heart opening

Astaria’s musical style is a mesmerizing blend that transcends conventional boundaries, encompassing the realms of shamanic sound healing and experimental ambient soundscapes. Her artistry unfolds through otherworldly multidimensional vocals that evoke a soul-stirring experience, reaching into the depths of emotion and consciousness. Astaria’s music is not merely heard; it is deeply touching, resonating with the listener on a profound level. Each note she weaves is a gateway to heart opening, creating an immersive and transformative sonic journey that defies traditional categorizations. Listeners often comment on how relaxed and inspired they feel after receiving Astaria’s music.

A sound journey with Astaria is exquisite!

Niki Marré [transformational retreat leader]
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About the Set

Embark on a Sonic Odyssey with Astaria

Relax, surrender, and allow the symphony of multi-dimensional frequencies to envelop you in a captivating embrace. 

Astaria’s soundscapes beckon you into a deeply meditative and inspiring journey. The resonance of her dynamic voice, harmonizing with an array of instruments such as piano, crystal bowls, chimes, flutes, medicine drums, and more, creates a sonic voyage that transcends time and space.

Close your eyes and surrender to the transformative power of sound, as Astaria’s intuitive compositions echo through the corridors of your being, unlocking hidden chambers of healing and self-discovery. Each note is an invitation to explore the uncharted realms of your inner landscape, guided by the heart of a seasoned practitioner whose life’s journey is intricately woven into every melody.

In this sonic odyssey, you are not merely a listener; you are a participant, an active voyager traversing the landscapes of your own consciousness. Astaria’s sound journey becomes a vessel, carrying you to the depths of meditative serenity and inspiration. It is a sacred space where relaxation meets revelation, and surrender becomes a gateway to profound self-discovery.

Allow Astaria to serenade you, each sound a whisper from the universe, inviting you to explore the boundless potential within. Astaria’s sound journey is more than an auditory experience; it is a transformative passage, where the symphony of your own soul meets the harmonies of the cosmos.


Astaria is a multi-instrumentalist, combining the sounds of piano, crystal bowls, chimes, flutes, and medicine drums with her multidimensional vocal transmissions.
She also bridges the acoustic realm with the electronic by performing with a live looping machine and Ableton.

Press Photos

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Short Bio

Sound Alchemist * Voice Midwife * Creative Empowerment Guide

Astaria is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Medicine Guide, Vocal Activation Coach, and Counsellor.

As a Voice Midwife, she assists those who have been disconnected from their expression, silenced by trauma and patriarchal programming, to reclaim their birthright to be all of who they are with courage and confidence. She guides people to embody their most authentic nature, liberating the full spectrum of their energetic signature. She inspires the emergence of creativity and the sharing of our unique soul gifts.

Astaria facilitates safe spaces for clients to dive deep into their healing journey, awaken truth, and connect with the heart. Using her multidimensional voice, along with many other instruments, she shares healing sessions with clients and community gatherings to help individuals experience a deeper connection with themselves. She knows that all beings have a unique voice to share and she empowers this voice into freedom by offering the techniques that she has learned along her throat chakra healing journey.

Long Bio

Astaria, Light of Sound: A Harmonious Tapestry of Healing and Empowerment

Embarking on a musical journey at the tender age of 4, Astaria, a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Medicine Guide, Vocal Activation Coach, and Counsellor, has crafted a life symphony that transcends the boundaries of conventional education. Classically trained in piano, she discovered the heart’s resonance with intuitive keystrokes, an insight that would later shape her distinctive approach to sound and healing.

Astaria’s multifaceted journey led her away from the piano at 12, exploring the world of clothing design—a creative expression that mirrored the vibrant kaleidoscope of her soul. In the labyrinth of raves and all-night electronic dance parties, adorned in her own colorful creations, music became her steadfast companion through both jubilation and introspection.

Yet, music wasn’t merely an accompaniment; it was a lifeline during darker chapters. Her mother, a singer-songwriter who penned hymns for the church, laid the foundation for a musical legacy. Celtic roots and a musically gifted grandfather, who could play any instrument he got his hands on, further enriched the tapestry of her family lineage.

Rekindling her bond with the piano at 31, Astaria found herself effortlessly channeling melodies that spanned from childhood compositions to new, intuitively inspired creations. The transformative power of music revealed itself profoundly in 2014 when faced with a daunting thyroid auto-immune dis-ease diagnosis. Rejecting the prescribed lifetime of medication, Astaria uncovered the vibrational healing within her own voice—an instrument that not only healed but became the cornerstone of her practice.

In 2023, Astaria added another powerful chapter to her life’s narrative, free-birthing her daughter into the world in the jungle of Costa Rica. The resonance of her voice, a force of empowerment and opening, echoed through the lush surroundings, adding to the symphony of her life’s journey as she single-handedly guided her daughter Earthside.

As a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Astaria employs her multidimensional voice, piano, crystal bowls, chimes, flutes, medicine drums, and shruti to create harmonious soundscapes. Astaria’s commitment to healing extends beyond personal triumphs. Light of Sound emerged as a testament to her empowerment journey, an endeavor inspired by her desire to share the transformative power of music, sound, and voice with others.

In her role as a Voice Midwife, Astaria extends her heart as a guide to those silenced by trauma and societal programming. Reclaiming their birthright, she empowers individuals to be authentically courageous and confident in their self expression. The journey involves guiding individuals to embody their most authentic nature, liberating the full spectrum of their energetic signature. Astaria facilitates safe spaces for clients to delve into their healing journey, awaken truth, and connect with the heart.

Her work is a profound expression of empowerment, offering techniques acquired through her own throat chakra healing journey. As she shares healing sessions with clients and community gatherings, Astaria understands that each being possesses a unique voice to share—a voice she empowers into freedom.

Astaria facilitates the emergence of creativity and the sharing of unique soul gifts, embodying her commitment to the holistic healing of the individual and the collective. With her multidimensional voice and a myriad of instruments, she invites individuals to experience a deeper connection with themselves, knowing that the liberation of the voice is the pathway to true freedom.

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Astaria’s lineage of experience

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Light of Sound

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Tech Rider

2 channel mixer

special effects on sound: slight reverb, EQ: roll off the lows and slightly boost the mids and highs

2 microphone stands: 1 placed at mouth height, 1 placed low to the ground for crystal bowls

2 microphones with cables

surround sound speakers: 1 speaker in each corner of the space

2 1/4″ cables for audio output from loop station


minimum 45 minute stage set up and sound check

1 stage monitor

person on sound board at all times during set to monitor sound (adjust reverb/effects as neccessary)

What people are saying

The most magical sound journey I’ve ever experienced!

Sandra W (retreat facilitator)

Astaria’s voice will transport you to other worlds.

Darren (Ceremony participant)

Astaria’s beautiful voice is weaving rainbows throughout the world.

Jean Pullen (author)

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Astaria’s signature Voice Activation workshop

Want to include a unique experience in your retreat, conference, festival, etc.?

Invite Astaria to bring her magic to your event and be pleasantly gifted with the opportunity to experience more depth and creative energy in your container, as she empowers the tribe to unlock and open their unique expression through the vocal instrument.

A collective voice activation is a powerful way to open the voice, to create a harmonic field of resonance and heart coherence, and to empower participants to free their expression whilst experiencing the medicine of their very own innate sound healing instrument.

Liberate Your Unique Sound: A Transformative Voice Activation Journey with Astaria

This Voice Activation Playshop is an intimate space curated by Astaria for those ready to explore the depths of their voice. This ceremonial experience is an invitation to shed inhibitions, traverse soulful landscapes, and discover the alchemy of your unique expression. 

Whether you’re a practitioner weaving voice medicine into your offerings or an individual seeking courage to speak your truth, this transformative journey welcomes you to move through fears, deepen spiritual connection, and explore the realms of creativity through the magic of sound.

This empowering odyssey is for those yearning to open their voice in a safe space, activate new expressions, and unlock the natural medicine for healing and spiritual connection residing within their unique vocal instrument. 

In this sacred space, we activate the body as our instrument through movement, breath, and sound, welcoming all voices to explore, play, and practice.

more info on voice activation here

Past Events & Performances

Astaria has been curating, organizing, and offering events since 2014, often collaborating with other healers, artists, and musicians.
She has been traveling North and Central America sharing her voice and sound medicine along the way.

January 2024 AWAKE Costa Rica: Opened for Rodrigo Gallardo,
performed as FLORA+FAUNA

March 2023 Envision Festival Costa Rica: Momentom Collective Circus Stage,
performed as FLORA+FAUNA

January 2023 HOLOS Costa Rica: opened the stage for Equanimous,
performed as FLORA+FAUNA

December 2022 HOLOS Costa Rica: opened the stage for Ruby Chase & Equanimous,
performed as FLORA+FAUNA, closed with a sound healing as Light of Sound

June 2022 Florestral Costa Rica: sacred sound studios sound dome – SOUNDAY – offered a shamanic sound healing as Light of Sound

May 2022 HOLOS Costa Rica: opened the stage for Camilo Poltronieri
performed as FLORA+FAUNA, closed with a sound healing as Light of Sound

December 2019 Cosmic Convergence Festival, Guatemala, guided a voice activation workshop

2019 Sounds of Light Mystery School, Guatemala, facilitated sound journeys over a 3 month residency

December 2018 Cosmic Convergence Festival, Guatemala, guided a voice activation workshop

October 2018 Secrets to the Best Life EVER: shared a sound healing experience as part of David Avocado Wolfe‘s presentation

August 2018 Cumberland Wild Festival: guided a vocal activation workshop

June 2018 BEING HUMAN event: Closed for international headliners Climbing PoeTree with a sound healing experience

October 2017 Awakened Woman Harmonic Convergence Festival: closed for international performance artist Deya Dova with a sound healing journey

July 2017 Blessed Coast Festival: guided a sound and acupuncture group healing session

June 2017 Kaypacha‘s Astrology workshop: facilitated sound healing throughout the multiple day workshop

April 2017 ROOT Festival: facilitated a workshop on sound healing

January 2017 Inspired Wellness Festival: facilitated a workshop on sound healing

December 2016 Mind Body Spirit Fair: facilitated a workshop on sound healing

November 2016 Intuitive Arts Festival: facilitated a workshop on sound healing

Event creation of various types of experiences including music, sound healing, and healing arts

check out more of her past events here

Droplets of Inspiration

I have had multiple sessions with Astaria, taken deep within, feeling myself wrapped in a blanket of sound. After each session I felt reborn.

It is difficult to give words to such an experience without metaphors, but it truly felt as if I was reawakened from another life. I arose feeling incredibly grounded and rested!  My nervous system was settled and vibrating softly.

I recommend the experience, not just for curiosity, but for deep healing as well!

Reko Vitae, Vitality by Design

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