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Rainbow School

Welcome to the Light of Sound Rainbow Mastery School, the place where you are invited to cross the threshold into your initiation of BEcoming the YOU who you were born to BE!

Rainbow School is designed to activate the colours of your creative expression through a series of initiations.

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Light of Sound Rainbow Mastery School offers a series of immersive initiations to awaken and empower Rainbow Warriors, Light Bringers, Star Seeds, Healers, Creatives, and New Earth Leaders into their highest potential, so they can show up in service from the heart of their soul.

It is here where you are invited to ReMember your truth, discover your innate gifts, and embody your signature soul frequency.

We came here at this particular time to contribute our unique gifts to the creation of Heaven on Earth.

We are living in a world where information is becoming more easily accessible and where we are able to connect with each other through the amazing tool of technology.

These online immersions have been developed to assist you along your awakening path, so that you may reMember the truth of who you are and be able to live in alignment with your soul purpose path, as you walk with grace and ease.

Each of the modules in the Light of Sound Rainbow Mystery School hold living transmissions, key code activations, and practical tools which you will receive as you embark on each journey. Each course acts as a rite of passage where you will be initiated through a transformational portal and emerge with more colour upon your wings.

How does the Rainbow Mastery School work?

Unlike most schools that have very linear structures and treat students like they are all the same, the Light of Sound Rainbow Mastery School offers a ‘choose your own adventure’.
Just like in life, you have the free will to choose which path you want to take.

Have a read through the descriptions of each module to feel for what resonates for you at this moment in your life. What initiation feels like the one for you? You will know simply by how you feel.

Included in each course is a live component, where we meet once per week virtually over Zoom so that we maintain a ‘real-life connection’ as you journey through the course material.

There is also a shared collective space hosted on Telegram where we will connect during the week as desired.

You will have lifetime access to the course materials once registered so that you can keep coming back and integrating more keys into your life.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

β€” Muriel Strode

Can you imagine a world where…. each child who arrives here is given full permission to carve their own path in life, to harness their unique abilities and innate gifts, to spend their time and energy cultivating what is inherently natural for them…

As it has been for some time, children have been forced to fit into a box and shaped into the same cookie-cutter prototype as every other child just so they can ‘fit in’ to the societal systems that have been long ago enforced.

Well, not anymore! We are remembering the ways of honoring the truth and respecting the innocence that each individual being here holds within.

By creating an environment where the student becomes the teacher, and the teacher becomes the student, we open the space for each person to share the wisdom that already exists within.

We are rediscovering the ways of knowing our self.

This is the most powerful way of waking up and accessing the truth of who you are.
And what does this mean in an age where meditating in a cave forever is not so realistic?

This is where the Light of Sound Mastery School comes in. We have walked multiple paths before you and have left a trail for you to connect with. By stepping onto this path, with a little guidance, you can begin to blaze your own unique trail through life – one that is YOURS and no one else’s.

In our ancient civilizations and cultures, there were physical mystery school temples, where initiates would go and immerse in the teachings of masters so that they too could become a master of their own unique life. The Resonance and Vibration held within these temple spaces was so powerfull that one would be transformed simply by immersing in the energy of the space and those holding the space.

We each hold the seed of infinite potential within. So let’s awaken the beauty of your soul and allow your fullest expression to blossom.

How do you stay woke?

play in the practice of being YOU

What does SELF-MASTERY mean?

To master your self is to become a conscious creator of your life and deliberate author of your own story.

Conscious Creation is possible firstly by remembering and knowing that you are a CREATOR BEING. With this inner-knowing, you can construct your reality with full presence to your power, full awareness of what you are creating, and full response-ability for your creations.

In order to awaken to your power as a conscious creator, you may need to clear some things first. These things may include old stories, thought patterns, unconscious behaviors, limiting beliefs, stuck energies, etc.

What is a Mystery School?

Teachings come through as living transmissions. When you say YES to your personal soul initiation, the Great Mystery invites you into the unknown, the place where pure potential lives. What is meant for you will emerge. Words cannot describe the Mystery, as it is unpredictable and always changing.
The Mystery holds the keys to your awakening potential.

If you are alive right now, then it is because you have something vital to gift humanity at the time of our greatest evolutionary leap – now is the time to astonish yourself as you discover who you were born to be.

― Clare Dubois

Initiatory journeys offered through the Light of Sound Rainbow Mastery School

Below are the initiations that are currently offered through the Mastery School. You may be drawn to going through the modules as they are laid out or in an alternative sequence. This is YOUR journey! We encourage you to honor your intuition and follow your own unique path through any or all of these portals of transformation.

Life is a CHOOSE your OWN ADVENTURE! And learning is meant to be a reflection of that.

This school is unlike any other school you have encountered. There is no teacher telling you what to do or how to be, or any specific way to learn. This is an opportunity for you to connect with what resonates for you and discard the rest. These teachings may be more relevant at different parts of your journey and the great thing is that you can continue to come back to them at various times to awaken new layers within yourself. The transmissions here are meant to be an ally along your path, they do not replace your path. Each of us must go our own way.

Below is an outline our current mastery modules. Each offers key-codes for your activation of true self.

Happy journeying along the way of BE-coming…

The Beauty Way

Attune your senses to experience life in a natural rhythm of grace and ease, enjoying the innate pleasure of BEing, and regenerating harmony with the Earth.

The Beauty Way is a 5 week journey of unfurling your divine feminine codes for a beautyfull life, purposefull path, and unified harmonious connection with our Earth Mother. 

Consider this your first initiation. We must first be in harmony with our Mother!

We have been living in a patriarchal system for a very long time. As we enter the Feminine age, SHE is activating Her codes within all of us. The time is now to start embracing the Divine Feminine within yourself (regardless of your assigned gender), so that you can live in harmony with yourself, with others, and with our Earth Mother.


n. An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole.

n. A relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another.

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The Feminine Way

Explore and discover your unique way through life, attuned with nature’s cycles, flowing with a sense of ease and grace, as life Herself moves through you.

The Feminine Way is an 8 week womb activation journey, where we explore the nature of the feminine cycles in order to surrender to the natural rythms of life.

We will journey through the phases of the womb cycle and learn how to carve our own unique path in life that honours our ever-changing nature.

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The ColourFull Voice

Rewild and free your full spectrum expression as you activate your voice as your most powerfull instrument – for healing, creation, and freedom.

The Colourfull Voice is an 7 week voice activation journey, supported by live sessions, offered twice per year.

We will journey through the rainbow Sound Body to harness the power of your voice for personal & collective healing, for conscious creationship, and for cultivating sovereignty in your life.

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The Rainbow Way

Free your creativity and reclaim the colours of your authentic expression

The Rainbow Way is a 14-week creativity activation journey, supported with weekly live sessions, offered once per year.

Do you have a creative idea that you want to bring to life? This is the journey for you. We will go through the birthing process from conception to actualization, clearing all that is in the way for this idea to channel through your being.

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Avatar Activation

Embody the fragrance of your soul and BE the YOU who you came here to BE!

Avatar Activation is a 6 week journey of BEcoming the YOU who you came here to BE.

It’s time to re-member who you were before the world told you who to be.

My uniqueness meets your uniqueness, wholeness meeting wholeness. There is no opposition here, only recognition and reverence for who you are.

We use alchemy to embrace inspiration and abundance so that you can fully embody the wholeness of your spirit.

Avatar Activation is the journey of embodying your unique essence. You will learn key practices to anchor in the highest version of yourself.

It’s time to let your ‘weirdo’ out of the closet and fly your ‘freak flag’. The World needs your YOUniquess!

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reSource your self

To tune into some keys for your journey, you can explore our ReSource Portal

Here you will discover parts of yourself written in between the lines. You are invited to see beyond what you are presented with, into the depths of your soul, to retrieve the truth of who you are. May these words simply point you in the direction of your journey home. Receive what resonates, and discard the rest for you are the only one who can blaze your soul path.

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Droplets of Inspiration

Astaria is simply AMAZING! I had a 2 hour private session with her and she helped me face my fears around being heard and using my voice. Bringing realization to the fact that our biggest fears can be our greatest gifts and that we can share with the world. With that said, I just signed up for 10 voice lessons! Thank you, beautiful, for assisting me on my journey! πŸ™β™₯οΈπŸ™

Kelie Micho, www.rubyrosesanctuary.net

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