Sound Therapy Courses

online mentoring and vocal empowerment sessions

Voice Activation & Empowerment

Our greatest healing instrument is our voice!

Connect with your authentic expression, discover your signature soul frequency, and free your voice.

With the supportive witnessing and intuitive guidance that Astaria offers, you will free your true voice and build the confidence to share your unique sound.

Your voice can be used to speak your truth, to give form to your intentions, and to send healing vibration into your body, mind, and spirit. 

The creative potential of your voice is infinite.

Tune into the harmonic potential of your sacred instrument in a vocal empowerment session with Astaria.

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Astaria is one of the most gifted and talented healers I have ever met. Her sound baths are transformative and incredibly healing and powerful. I could feel the healing vibration of the music through my entire body and it relaxed my parasympathetic nervous system.

— Leigh Kankewitt // read more kudos »

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