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The Colourfull Voice

sing your heart open ~ sound your soul free

Are you feeling the call to speak your truth and experience yourself as a creative channel of the Divine Feminine Frequency?

This 7 week Voice Activation Journey will empower you to free the colours of your authentic self expression.

Free the colours of your voice and embody your authentic expression

meet your voice, spark your creativity, bring your dreams to life!

● Have you been feeling the call to free your voice and express yourself more creatively?
● Do you want to connect more deeply with your soul purpose path?
● Do you want to activate the healing power of your voice?
● Are you ready to speak your truth with confidence and ease?
● Are you ready to release all fear of what others think of you so that you can stand unapologetically in your power?
● Do you desire to courageously communicate your boundaries, convey your desires, and develop deeper intimacy in your relationships?
● Are you ready to consciously create your reality using the manifestation tool of your voice?
● Do you want to activate your musicality and sing from your soul?
● Are you ready to speak straight from your heart and cultivate a sense of safety in your being whilst doing so?
● Do you long to connect with your wild feminine nature and feel free in your body?


This Colourfull Voice activation journey is a deep offering from my heart to yours.
May it empower you in ways you never thought possible.

May your voice be Clear, Confident, & Courageous.

Your voice is your most powerfull instrument!

Over our time together, we will journey through your Rainbow Sound Body to harness the power of your voice for personal & collective healing, for conscious creationship, and for cultivating freedom in your life.

Sign me up!

Astaria - Light of Sound

Our voices are so healing and so needed at this time as we are moving through the chrysalis of transformation.

We are full-spectrum beings, here to embrace all of who we are and to stand courageously embodied in our truth.

Our voice allows us to access unseen realms and to send healing vibrations into our body, mind, and spirit. We can create worlds with our voice…
Remember that all of this creation was sung into being, that everything in existence is vibration, and that we can transform our world with the power of our voice.

Sing your self awake

Listen to an example of a vocal transmission from Astaria:

I want to hear more

Your voice carries sonic codes for your healing, liberation, & awakening.
When you share your voice, you also awaken the codes that are dormant in others.
This is WHY it is SO important to share your VOICE.
Your Voice is needed for the reharmonization of our original sound signature.

This experience is for you if

You want to explore and activate your voice and the potential of your creativity.
You dream of singing with confidence and ease, instead of feeling constricted by your inner critic.
You are DONE with the harrowing frustration of knowing you have more to share but feeling unable to express it.
You long to freely express your authentic self without fear.
You are ready to let go of judgment and the fear of what others think and step into the embodiment of your truth.
You struggle to speak and hold your boundaries and want to develop more assertiveness.
You don’t want to be held back by shame or self-doubt anymore.
You desire to experience deeper intimacy in your relationships.
You yearn to break free from the traumas of your past so you can embody your true self.
You are excited to explore your divine feminine energy through the portal of your voice.
You are OVER feeling stuck, playing small, and feeling shy.
You are ready to explore and unleash your fullest self-expression.
You are excited to open your channel as an instrument for your higher self to express and to allow the energy of the Earth to flow through your voice.
You’re ready to shed inhibition, transform your story, and live unapologetically on your own terms!
You are ready to step into your leadership as an embodied vessel of love.

If this sounds familiar, it would be our deepest honor to embark on this journey with you.

The world needs your VOICE!

I’m ready to share my voice

I want to sing like birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.

― Rumi

Through this voice activation journey you will…

● Discover the JOY of singing
● Open your heart and soul as a channel for the Divine Muse
● Explore the diversity of your vocal potential
● FEEL and allow energy to move through your body
● Learn how to shift your frequency with the technology of your voice
● Discover your creative expression through your very own built-in instrument
● Connect with your YES & your NO and be able to discern what is in alignment with your boundaries
● Gain confidence and courage with speaking your truth unapologetically
● Release fear, shame, secrets, and stories that have been holding you back in life
● Give permission to the wildness of your voice to be expressed
● Discover new levels of your voice as a tool for self-healing, inner alchemy, and manifestation

‘Sing’, for this is food our hungry world needs.

― Hafiz

the Nature of our container

We will be gathering in sacred space and entering the realms of The Great Mystery.

Astaria leads as a channel in service to the current energetics of the space. Our gatherings will be transmissions woven with practical tools that you can embody in your life.

The intention has been set, as you’ve been reading here, AND we will be surrendering to Divine Guidance to allow all that is necessary to flow through.

You are invited to be clear in your intentions for joining this voice activation journey, and also to let go and let Goddess orchestrate something even better than you can imagine, trusting in this process as an initiation for trusting in life. Release expectations and allow your self to receive.

It’s really up to YOU, as a participant, to show up and dive in as deeply as you desire.

This will be a small group container so that we can share with each other more intimately. It will have a ‘mastermind’ feel so that we can also learn from each other’s experiences and support each others dreams.

If you join this container, it’s because your soul guided you here, along with others who heeded the call. Together we will be in this voice activation journey, not just for ourselves, but also for the collective and Mama Earth. We will be receiving codes and guidance that will be relevant for the times that we are in. You will anchor in and transmit these codes through your own unique channel. You will be activating your own unique soul gifts and sharing through your own unique blueprint. (There is no right or wrong way, there is simply YOUR way! And this is what you are here to ReMember and activate).

You are held, you are safe, and all of you is welcome here.

I’m in!

If I cannot fly, let me sing.

― Stephen Sondheim

Have you been holding back your truth for fear of what others will think of you, fear of judgment, fear of rejection?

Do you experience difficulty in expressing your emotions? Perhaps you’ve been feeling fatigued and uninspired…?

Do you feel like you’re living a double life, showing up in certain aspects of your life, simply because you feel like you HAVE to? When really your authentic self is calling you in another direction, one that feels more aligned?

Have you been acquiescing in situations where you feel different than what the group narrative is saying, but feeling too shy to share your perspective?


Consent or comply passively or without protest: synonymassent.
To come to rest, or remain at rest.
To agree; consent; tacitly assent; quietly comply or submit: as, to acquiesce in an opinion, argument, or arrangement.

Are you ready to speak your truth UNAPOLOGETICALLY?!?!

The world needs you to speak up! Now more than ever before. The outcome of this story is determined by YOUR VOICE!

Your words are wands.

When the Truth is Spoken, the Spell is Broken!

Your voice shapes your reality. Make your Voice MATTER!

What do you want to create?

The vibration of your voice has the power to awaken your truth, to create the life of your dreams, and to cultivate harmony with all of your relations.

I’m ready to realize the power of my voice

Some of the benefits you may experience from your voice activation

● release endorphins and oxytocin to decrease stress and anxiety
● boost your immunity
● improve your lung capacity to breathe easier
● increase empathy and understanding in your relationships
● broaden your communication skills
● feel calmer and more relaxed, lowering your blood pressure
● improve cognition, boost your memory and clear your mind
● decrease depression and cultivate more joy
● promote a healthy mind and heart, which increases life expectancy

activate your full spectrum expression

the voice activation journey

Together we will activate our rainbow codes and harness the colours of our vocal expression to clear any blockages in the way of knowing and speaking our truth, to activate our soul gifts, and to share our authenticity with confidence and courage.

Week 1 – RED
Connect to our Earth Mother, plant your roots in stillness, and listen with The Great Mystery.

Week 2 – ORANGE
Awaken your Creative Sexual energy and hear the voice of your womb. Share your stories and clear sexual trauma with your voice.

Week 3 -YELLOW
ReWild your voice, let your inner Lion ROAR, and embody your power.

Week 4 – GREEN
Open your heart, cultivate compassionate communication, and allow your love song to be sung as your life lullaby.

Week 5 – BLUE
Connect with your Soul Message, Free your Voice, and speak your truth unapologetically.

Week 6 – INDIGO
Align with your Intuition, clear any doubt or confusion that may hinder you from completely trusting your inner guidance, and become the channel for your wisdom to shine through.

Week 7 – VIOLET
Discover your Soul Light Language and use this as a tool for connecting with your innocence, for clearing energy, for activating your creativity, and for sparking your imaginative genius.

I’m ready to free my voice

awaken through the sound of your voice

this experience includes

● Weekly live sessions, held over Zoom (you can download this app for free here)
● Recordings of all live sessions
● A 1-1 deep dive soul session with Astaria
● A private Telegram community group where we will share our experiences and stay connected throughout the journey
● Additional relevant resources, such as PDFs and audio recordings
● Lifetime access to our ColourFull CommUnity

I’m ready for my voice activation

your voice is as younique as your thumbprint

what people are saying

Since freeing my voice with Astaria, I feel more confident in speaking my truth, sharing my vulnerability, and showing up more authentically.


After my transformational sound & voice healing session with Astaria, I feel grounded, ready, and empowered to complete my book and share my message with the world, knowing that the time is NOW!


The power of song has helped me transform fear to love. Astaria has been coaching me for the last 2 years using vocal toning and sound healing. My voice and connection to love has grown immensely with her support. My voice has opened in ways I didn’t know were possible and I feel more confident sharing it with others.

Read more testimonials here

I want to be SUNG by life, to let go and surrender to the sound current, and know what it feels like to be at one with the natural flow.

the investment into your vocal liberation

$888USD is the investment into this sacred voice activation journey.

We are calling in an intimate group of frequency keepers to channel the voice of the Divine Feminine Frequency, to embody freedom codes, and participate in the activation of our collective awakening through sound.

I can’t wait!

BONUS gifts included for saying YES to your self

You will receive a vocal transmission recording from Astaria

You will receive a private soul dive session with Astaria (valued at $222)

are you ready to become a Voice Channel?

Singing can be one of the most pleasure-evoking tools we have access to. We can reach orgasmic vibratory bliss simply by opening our body as an instrument to channel frequency.

Yes, it can feel quite vulnerable at first, especially if we haven’t been sharing our voice much at all before now.
Just know that you are safe in this container, to explore and free your voice, no matter what ‘level’ of experience that you’re at.

Flow state occurs when we surrender to life and allow ourselves to be sung by our muses.

This is total freedom.

I’m ready to FREE MY VOICE!

All of Creation was Sung into Being

join the ONEverse choir, singing codes for this New Earth

ReClaim your innocence and free flow expression!
Have a listen to this sample of a light language transmission from Astaria…

I want to know more about Light Language

Singing & sounding with our voice instantaneously connects us with our heart!

Meet Your Guidess

Astaria is a Voice Midwife, Sound Alchemist, and Creativity Catalyst.
She is certified as a Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Medicine Practitioner, Vocal Activation Coach, and trained Counsellor.

Through Shamanic voice retrieval, she assists those who have been disconnected from their expression, silenced by trauma and patriarchal programming, to reclaim their birthright to be all of who they are with courage and confidence. She guides people to embody their most authentic nature, liberating the full spectrum of their energetic signature. She inspires the emergence of creativity and the sharing of our unique soul gifts.

Astaria facilitates safely supported voice activation experiences for clients to dive deep into their healing journey, awaken truth, and connect with their authentic expression. Using her multidimensional voice, along with a variety of other sound healing instruments, she curates experiences for clients and community gatherings where individuals are guided to discover their own light within, through reclaiming the parts of self that have been hiding in the shadows. 

She knows that all beings have a unique voice to share and she empowers this voice into freedom by offering the techniques that she has learned along her throat chakra healing journey.

Her love for Mother Nature and her infinite curiosity for creation, keep her always learning more and discovering the magic of life. She loves sharing the universal language of music for evoking emotion, sparking remembrance, and connecting our hearts.

All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature.

― Rudolf Steiner

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m vibing so hard on everything I’ve read so far! How do I join this journey?
Please fill out the application form from your heart and we will then inform you with the next steps.

Do I need to be a singer to join this journey?
Absolutely NOT! AND we are ALL singers 😉
If you can speak, then you can sing.
This journey is less about trying to be perfect through learning singing techniques and more about embracing the perfection that we already are by sounding to learn.

If I’m an experienced singer, will I still get something out of this course?
Yes! Since we are lifelong learners here, we will all get exactly what we need from this experience. Experience this journey through the lens of exactly where you’re at. Challenge yourself to lean into your growth edges and then watch the magic happen. This is more than a singing course, it is designed to help you unlock hidden aspects of your voice in all areas of your life.

What if I can’t make the live calls?
We’ll miss you, however, live sessions will be recorded and will be made available for you to view within 48 hours. So you can tune in anytime that is convenient for you and also refer back to anytime your need a “tune-up”.

How do I figure out what time zone this is in?
All session times are listed in CST (Central Standard Time). You can find out how this converts to your particular time zone here.

What is the time commitment of this course?
We will gather live for 1.5-2hours/week
How much time you put in beyond this is up to you.
We recommend a daily vocal toning practice of 5-30 minutes, and a morning writing ritual (up to 30 minutes).

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we do. Please specify on the application form if you need this.

How many people will be in this group journey?
We are intending to keep this a small group (of 4-6 people) so that we can curate an intimate masterheart container.

I prefer 1-1 attention, do you offer private journeys like this?
Yes, we do. Please check out our mentorship options here. Our 1-1 container offers an opportunity for personalized deep dive healing, where we address the specifics of what is alive in your reality. Group journeys allow you to learn through sharing with others and in this setting we will be working with collective themes. Both are powerful. Some people find that their growth edge lies in group work and are drawn to the opportunity to learn from not only their own experience but others also. A group container has the benefit of being able to expand your perspective via the input of all participants, and also forming long-lasting relationships, if you so choose.

I have a question not listed here, how can I contact you to ask for what I need?
Please send an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Email if you have additional queries or questions

my voice is my key to creative freedom

Are you ready to join the voice activation journey and sound your gifts into the world?

I’m SO ready!

I look forward to hearing you

If you can walk, then you can dance, if you can talk, then you can sing!

― African proverb

Droplets of Inspiration

Astaria, Thank you for your transformational sound & voice healing session. I feel grounded, ready and empowered to complete my book and share my message with the world, knowing that the time is NOW!  

Jennifer Martin

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