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Activate your Avatar

Are you ready to EMBODY all of who you truly are, all of who you came here to be.

Are you ready to Activate your Avatar?

The World doesn’t need another clone, the World needs YOU!


an incarnation in human form
an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person.
a variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity

It’s time to claim your superpowers and activate your avatar!

Are you the Rainbow Sheep in your family or community?

Have you always felt ‘different’ and like you didn’t quite fit in?

Are you highly sensitive and empathic?

Have you felt like it’s your duty to keep the peace and put others’ needs before your own (AKA you’re a peace-keeping people pleaser)?

Do you play small so that others are comfortable around you?

It’s time to recognize that your unique essence is actually needed here to complete the rainbow spectrum of our diversity!

YOU are needed here! YOU belong here! ALL of YOU is welcome here!

Re-member who you were before the world told you who to be

My uniqueness meets your uniqueness, wholeness meeting wholeness. There is no opposition here, only recognition and reverence for who you are.

We use alchemy to embrace inspiration and abundance so that you can fully embody the wholeness of your spirit.

You be you and let the world adjust.

— Mark Groves

Avatar Activation is the journey of embodying your YOUnique essence. You will learn key practices to anchor in the highest version of yourself.

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about your guide

Activate your avatar with Astaria

Astaria is a multi-passionate creative and self-expression midwife.
She loves empowering people to remember who they are, clear whatever is getting in the way of their authentic expression, and activate their soul gifts.
Her creative experience is just as colourfull as she is, ranging from piano composer, clothing designer, photographer, graphic designer, painter, singer, dancer… etc. to spiritual healing artist, sound therapist, light language channel, and energy alchemist.
Her education & training has come from a broad range of experiences, conventional institutions, mystery schools, a variety of mentorships, many many workshops, and direct transmissions from Mother Nature.
She will be sprinkling her magic throughout this journey while empowering yours to come out and play.
Her favorite ways to express herself are through colour, costume, movement, and, most of ALL, Astaria loves to paint beautyfull colour frequencies with her voice.
Her biggest dream is for a world in Harmony, where all people are free, embodied in their authentic creative expression, and sharing their soul gifts for the wholeness of ALL.

Droplets of Inspiration

The sounds brought a sacred stillness to me, thank you.

Lynn D.

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