Soul Song: Voice of the Heart Retreat

May 15-22, 2020 at Finca Mia Retreat Center, Costa Rica

Hello Beautiful One,

Join Wild Soul Awakening and Light of Sound on retreat in the jungle of Costa Rica. Be held in sacred space while you connect with your heart, hear from your guides, free your voice, empower yourself, and share your Soul Song.

Connect with your unique expression through vocal activation with Astaria and a soul embodiment portrait with Jenn. Open your intuitive channel with singing, healing sound, and cacao medicine. Embody freedom with us in yoga, ecstatic dance, and art therapy practices. Discover the deepest parts of yourself through your unique voice.

Have you ever felt blocked in your expression or challenged in speaking your truth? Do you know that haunting feeling of fear to show up authentically in the world?

Maybe you’ve felt the stirrings of your soul’s calling, but the anxiety of sharing your voice keeps you from your fullest expression. Or you know you are called to do big things in the world, but you have difficulty holding your boundaries with difficult people. Or perhaps it is hard for you to be vulnerable in your intimate relationships and friendships.

You have begun your journey towards inner healing, but you yearn to break free from the effects of your wounds. You have done the work to connect more deeply with yourself, but you still crave the freedom that comes with really knowing your divine feminine essence.

You’re dreaming of moving beyond your limiting beliefs and embodying your medicine. You long for the confidence to show up fully and share your whole self.

You’re done being stuck and playing small. You’re ready to step into your expression and share your medicine – your SOUL SONG – with the world.

We’re with you Sistar!

You are not alone. We are intimately familiar with that haunting anxiety. So caught up limiting beliefs, we were afraid to express ourselves, too. Trapped by silence and our own trauma, we watched others blossom, wondering when we’d gain the courage to speak, to sing, to shine.

We still battle that fear, Amor. We just got sick of it holding us back. Through some hard, deep work -and some beautiful, lighthearted play- we went through a metamorphosis and came out on the other side to share. We don’t have it all figured out, but we have been doing this work long enough to know it works. We have tools and practices that have forever changed us. And now we want to share them with you.

Our stories are different, but they began with coming home to the truest part of ourselves: the voice of the heart. Through discovering our singing voices, we were able to more deeply tune into our soul’s purpose, shed the layers of programming that were holding us back, and find greater expression. We learned to use the vibrations of the voice to shift and align our thoughts, to break through the fear, find healing, and reclaim our own power.

We invite you to be held in sacred space while you connect with your heart, hear from your guides, free your voice, empower yourself, and share your Soul Song.

Connect with your Soul’s Purpose

Join us in guided meditations, sound journeys, journaling exercises, art therapy, and other creative modalities to tune into the deepest part of our yearning – the voice within that’s calling us into greatness and our mission.

Clear the Obstacles

Through fire ceremonies, river plunging, toning, singing and other modes of expression, we will move through the barriers of transformation. We will enter deep into the healing process and transmute pain into power.

Embody your Soul Song

We’ll use group work, 1:1 coaching, and various practices to help you hear your voice and learn how to express it. Through ecstatic dance, cacao ceremony, and soul embodiment portraiture, you’ll connect with your soul song and find expression.

Your experience includes:

Optional Add Ons:

RETREAT PACKAGES BEGIN AT $1,000 for shared eco lodging

Private rooms available.
Singing Night Add-Ons from $500.

Limited to 12 Courageous Goddesses who want to connect with your Soul Purpose, dive into the shadow to heal what’s holding you back and find freedom in the embodiment of your voice.

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